Lovely beamshots Miguel_79 :slight_smile:

I’m now re-thinking whether I need (want) the Kronos 70 GB (S70 with higher power driver). Was expecting it to be a quite different animal from the Q8, for throw, but from your shots it seems the Q8 will cover both bases, at least well enough for me, in such a compact package.

PS: were your torches standard, or have you made a few improvements to any ?

More Good Thread Lube Info for inquiring minds.
SuperLube has worked fine for me for years & I will continue using it. For any who might want info on other lubes… hope this helps.

1807 preorders as of now.

That looks like a compound maybe for assembling industrial electrical gear, petroleum based, and has suspended zinc particles in it to help conduction. I wouldn’t try it if wanting to use lockout. Interesting nevertheless maybe elsewhere inside torch (tail PCB to tube interface perhaps).


I think any decent synthetic grease as previously mentioned is sufficient here, thread-lubrication and O-ring compatibility is top of my mind.

By the way “synthetic” doesn’t mean silicone based, it is probably a highly refined (chemically reconstructed) hydrocarbon material.

I generally use some bicycle grease with Teflon because already I have it to hand in a big tube, it is inexpensive, and it seems to do the job well enough. And it is a pretty red color :slight_smile: Not saying it’s the best though, not sure what the base material is, if it is a genuine “red grease” then it will be vegetable based, to throw another one into the discussion. It’s good stuff for bicycles, at least.

That Ford/Nyogel XG-12 = Nyogel 760g stuff looks interesting, I’ll see if my Ford dealer has it at a sensible price (not really planning on spending nearly half the price of a Q8 on a tube of grease).


Haha TK :slight_smile: that’s what i use in my RC cars, and also what i put on the dry Q8 thread yesterday, i need more though cant be more than a few Sq CM in the tube.

Found the original BLF thread on the Ford Nyogel: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/11434, $12 shipped, $15 retail sound bout right unfortunately.

So 5 years from my one tube ain't bad, considering my usage. Many times I strip it off, re-apply over and over again in modding/testing.

That is sweet and a bit tricky at the same time.
I really like that BLF as a whole did order as much as were spoken for despite we know people have left BLF.
I remember it was pulling with reserve lists to get to the amount needed on other projects, so this is nice.

Of course a 99–99.9 order rate would have been ideal, leaving more with a profit in it for Thorfire and Banggood. Making ~104% a bit tricky.

But well all in all very happy, also for the trust, when issues became clear people stocked to their pre order, very kind and nice.

Codes seem to still be working! Must be a sign that Banggood and Thorfire are happy with their profit.

I don’t see a pause after moonlight mode when turning on the light with a press & hold. For me it seems that it immediately starts ramping up and I need to ramp down to have the lowest output.
Is the pause duration at moonlight of the D4 the same as the Q8 ?
The moonlight is easy to catch with the D4 while I always miss it with the Q8.

Hmmmm…. Seems like a very reasonable deduction.

I just found this Ford XG-12 / Nylogel on US Amazon, a couple of options: http://a.co/ec13aGP Around $16 from the Amazon mothership (not too many left) and $14 from an alternate seller. Saved me a trip to a car dealer.

I was only three days away and this thread became greasy!

As I know it’s only a pause for easy catching, you can’t really see it on long distances.
But when you hold the hand a few centimeters in front of the lens, then it’s noticeable.
I estimate the pause is 500msec “long”

If you ramp down to moonlight with the hand close you can see also the same small flicker as in turbo, indicating end of the ramp.

First of all, I am very glad that you liked the comparative, thank you all for commenting.

Yes, devastates the S70, it is true that the S70 throws something more, but the Q8 gives quite more light, and the flood is impressive, in addition the tint is very nice, the combination of launch and flood of the Q8 along with the tint it has It’s love at first sight.

How good to read that, I am from Galicia, a region similar to Asturias, both very beautiful. I wish I could visit your city, I’m sure is very pretty, too.

I bet you do not need more range or flood than the Q8 can offer you. But of course, we always want more of everything XD

I was skeptical about Q8, I thought I would not be surprised. But I was wrong, I was surprised, and much, it creates a great blanket of light, and throws quite a lot too, and let’s not talk about UI, etc, and all for only $ 40, a must have.

My flashlights are standard, without modification.

Order Placed Date: 2017-09-09
Expected Shipping Date: 2017-10-10

this is still what i get when i log on to my account

Mine shows shipped, but it can’t be found on 17 Track, so I am sure it has not actually moved yet. - Not complaining, just wanted to let others know that even though we have a shipping notice, it has not actually left the building yet.

Hang in there buddy!

this seller on ebay is selling xg-12 for $16.99 or BO, i offered $12 delivered and it was accepted.


at this time he had 2 left.

For those of you in the USA that do want to check Tracking of you Q8, but DO NOT know how… here is the proper procedure.

This procedure is only valid for USA orders that were shipped Priority Air Mail. The FREE Shipping option for this light.

  • 1. Get the Tracking Number of your order either from your Banggood Account or the Shipped email they will send you.
  • 2. Go here https://www.fedex.com/apps/fedextrack/ and enter the Tracking Number from step 1. Click Track. At this point it will probably say LABEL CREATED.
  • 3. Scroll down to SHIPMENT FACTS & get the Reference. This number will most likely begin with YT
  • 4. Then go here ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE TRACKING | 17TRACK and enter the Reference from step 3. Click Track. Scroll down to see movement.

Once the package actually ships, movement will show in the tracking information on 17Track.
Do not be alarmed if your package sites in one place for 1 to 3 or 4 days, this just happens sometimes. It is just the way it is. Nothing to worry about.
DO NOT worry about what it says on the FEDEX Tracking. It will not show there until Fed Ex actually has the package, if then even.

17Track has been very reliable for these packages sent to the USA… all of mine have been 100%. More accurate then FedEx tracking by far.

While writing this I checked my last 2 Pre-Orders…. both above #1680… AND much to my surprise & shock they both actually show movement. It appears they have actually shipped, as in “left the building shipped”…… :open_mouth::wink:
Will know for sure in a couple of day though.

So there it is if anyone likes to see where their package may be……

Thanks, I offered $12.50, let’s see what happens…