Oh, and of course narsill has the quadruple click lock-out too.

The switch is relatively soft, which we need, the light is heavy and it's not protected much. Being further inset would help.

I always lock out the Q8 when carrying it around in a bag, or whatever. Wonder if having the full fins above and below the switch would help. Above the switch, they are scooped out. Below the switch they are completely flattened.

We made 100 posted reviews of 5 stars straight!

Well I suppose the usual warranty applies here with things from China, which unfortunately means issues that pop up fast will mean follow up from my side and thus Thorfire. If it cones up after months just post here or PM and we see what can be done.

What Tom said, check M4DM4X for code and price.


Jason, I don’t know if this will help at all, but I immediately took it as a joke since many folks on the BLF prefer NW emitters. Those of us who couldn’t care less or prefer CW are in the minority or at least appear to be.
I never thought to do this, but when my brother got his he put his hand over the turbo beam and was surprised at how hot it was. So that it could start something smouldering comes as no surprise. Try the hand test yourself.

All right. Thanks.

These polls tell the story of tint preferences on BLF:



NW is the overwhelming majority. Both polls have the CW tints at 11%.

Are you talking to me or a different Jason?
I went back 4 pages and still could not figure out what your referring to.

I’m not volunteering either (grin) but I just PM’d our host SB asking if there’s a way to download an entire topic rather than page by page, for the kind of editing pass that would need.

I prefer copying an entire document and then throwing away all the text I don’t want, rather than cutting and pasting out of the document, to assemble a condensed summary.

Or maybe there’s a magic computerized way to hilight desired text and “send it to another file” with some record of where it came from. Kind of like a hypertext thingy. Just wishing aloud here.

Well, they did not let me know if any of these chargers went on sale, but I just checked and the above store has it at $41 instead of $31. :frowning:

I checked all around and found it for $32 on this store if anyone is interested.
Miboxer 4Slots 3A/slot LCD Screen Battery Charger http://s.aliexpress.com/2i63mMZn

Ah good next project will dedicate a post to accessories, easy to do while a thread develops , undoable when we are 544 pages along the way :slight_smile:

Well looks like there was something wrong in the information I got :frowning:

I sent a PM to SB asking if there’s a way to download the whole thread (rather than one page at a time) to edit the content down and leave only the info on accessories to repost.
With a pointer to the first suggestion about this above.
Not volunteering, mind ya. But I’ve wondered before about this.

They do that anyway, once you take them out of the dark. Once dark they hibernate after a few days, still keeping time, for a year or more. Then wake up back where they were, with some light. If capable they then re-lock onto RF time signals, but not important, my two run for a year and are still within 30 seconds. Great devices.

2nd batch or later

The presence of countersunk screws (driver and tail plate) is exclusive to the first batch
Coated lens is random

Coated lens is an odd one, I didn’t think I had one, but looked vary carefully. I do, but it is in upside down, seemingly single-side coated, not a concern. May turn it around the proper way to try to see any difference, but frankly not bothered.

CS screws are only in first batch AFAIK.

Since the torch is currently sold out, perhaps batch 3 is on the way, that might trigger more excitement depending whether any more changes are coming. I hope they are, continuous product improvement is in my blood, not stasis.

The driver screws (2) and tail pcb screws (4). M2.5x5mm screw works, at least for 2nd batch Q8s.

Well, I thought I liked neutral. I have some T6, color bin 4C I think, or that's what fastech said, xm-l2. As I recall that bin has a minimum cri of around 80% maybe. I must say I much prefer them to the Q8, which is significantly "cooler", but that's not so much the issue as it just seems colors are slightly flat in comparison. As LED's go the Q8 is pretty good still, far better than cool whites, but not as nice as my T6's. Probably more lumens though. Considering replacing with a warm xp-l2 if I ever feel like blowing the cash on them.

At least yours has tracking state side. The last tracking from mine was still in China almost three weeks ago now.

So just checked, and those fasttech xm-l2 T6-4Cs are 4200-4500 where the Q8 is XP-L 4750-5000, so yeah a little cooler. The bin datasheets from cree show that both of those should be minimum 70 cri/typical 75. I definitely prefer the T6. Whatever the reason it feels more natural to me.

You’re wierd. :stuck_out_tongue: