One of my two Q8s is starting to act a bit odd.

I went to turn it on and the light ran through three or four modes, flashing the green switch light.
Pulled the batteries, problem went away.

Later I noticed the green switch light had gone off, with the light sitting on the table. Odd. It came back when I used the switch to go through several brightness levels.

One of mine from the first group does something similar but works normally after I use it a bit.

Are you using ramping or mode sets?

Mode sets were never fully fleshed out. They were a kind of an add on for those people who prefer it. So it can act a bit flaky sometimes.

Does it seem as if the switch got stuck? In mode sets pressing and holding the switch goes to turbo, strobe then the programming mode. Is that what it did?

happy to present MELD to any unaware of it. Sorry for hijacking the thread.

Q8 + Narsil = amazing!

It is impressive. :+1: … I don’t think you hijacked anything either…. :wink:
Thanks again saypat…… :+1:

Dual switch is the best MELD light!

What’s the most recent/best coupon code out right now for the BLF Q8??

Thank you!

M4DQ8 is still valid, price drop to 46.5$ (33.45$ discount) @ Banggood.

Thanks for the link steel_1024! Great pictures & read with good info to!!

That is some intricate work for sure. You guys who can do that have some impressive skills!!! :+1:

What can I say? Love my Q8. :smiley:

+1. Love mine too. After a few months of ownership, I’d say it’s my favorite overall flashlight. It’s very bright, has the best UI, tint, and battery life. My hat’s off to all involved with its design.

I was responding to teach's post. I misread his posts to be a slight at Meld. Whether I misread or not, my post was not appropriate. I apologize teacher.

No problem my friend, stuff happens. :+1:
And of course apology accepted totally. :slight_smile:

I was trying to say that in the Q8 I liked ramping better than presets.

I had never even heard of MELD but was interested & after readin what was suggested…. it is indeed impressive.

Anyway… I hope we are good ImA4Wheelr. I have always enjoyed your postings & look forward to enjoying more.

Best regards……… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this fix only lasted about 48 hours before the LEDs both went back out. I fiddled around with the soldering iron again and they lit up, but then again died after a couple days.

Any recourse here for repair? I don’t think it’s the LEDs that are bad, as probing the contacts with a multimeter set to continuity mode lights them up bright as day.

Just replacing the switch for a new one as mentioned earlier.

Yeah, after posting I started looking back through the pages and saw that people contacted The Miller, who helped them get replacement assemblies. The Miller seems to have been offline for over a month though, so I see joechina stepped up to offer help. I sent them a PM and will follow up with an email to chendongling@banggood.com if I don’t hear a response. Will keep BLF updated!

I just ordered it from ThorFire via Amazon for $58.24 with free 2-day delivery. I hate waiting for the slow boat to arrive when ordering from China.

Glad to see this thread isn’t going away. The video about meld software was amazing. Not that I understand it. I don’t understand what Narsil is either. That mini Q8 that Everett had is really cool. Who makes that? I can’t follow the GT thread. Too long. I had to be away a few days because of the superbowl and I couldn’t follow any BLF threads.

Thanks SayPat for mentioning the MELD I had completely forgotten, I had read a brief comment some time ago, 2014/15 I think, so went and found his blog following your UTube link, so just wanted to say thank you,

Anyone have the thread on how to update the firmware i think i need a usb stick and some other hardware. I want ToyKeepers lightning mode. :slight_smile: