This stuff is too complicated for myself, but I kinda want to learn so I’ve been keeping track of things.

Try this link for parts.

Here are some videos.

Here is a thread on it.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

It seems to me that the error is common, but it is difficult to notice because of several reasons:

- very few people change the settings;

- the factory setting of thermal monitoring (55C) is quite reasonable, but the calibration of the sensor is different for everyone (I have about ~ 48C);

- not everyone has the necessary equipment to control the parameters of the flashlight;

  • if the user changes the temperature control setting, then most likely it is not much different from the factory setting, within ~ 10C. But since there is a delay in the response of the thermal control (about 40 seconds), so it is sometimes difficult to understand whether the user’s settings have been saved or a memory error has occurred.
    Therefore, I am going to conduct an additional series of tests. I set the temperature control to be very different from charging (55C), for example, 30C or 35C. Low temperature control temperature will allow both to speed up testing and easier to control memory errors. And I will try to make the lamp remember this setting of thermal control.
    If anyone is interested, join the tests :wink: . Having a few tests can already talk about statistics.

Di_Joker, there may not be much need to run tests because the issue is already known and was fixed in a related firmware in 2017.

So the issue is pretty well-understood, and updating the firmware should fix it. The original Narsil firmware is mostly abandoned though, since Tom has been too busy with other parts of life to maintain it. So fixed lights are running Anduril instead. It’s not perfect either, but it’s actively maintained and doesn’t have any known eeprom bugs. It also has quite a few more features, and is easier to modify if you want to customize anything.

ToyKeeper, I have seen mentions that in Narsil 1.2 (ROT66) there is also a memory error. Narsil is especially good because in addition to the ramp there is a mode with fixed brightness steps, for some it is very very important.

Yes, the first batch of ROT66 lights used NarsilM 1.2. Later batches switched to Anduril — to resolve the memory error, to get more features, and because Fireflies thought Narsil was too complicated. Both offer a choice of smooth ramp or fixed brightness steps, though the method differs.


  • Steps are chosen from 12 preset mode groups (or sometimes 8 groups, depending on the model of light).
  • Click repeatedly to go brighter.
  • Level locks in after 1.2s, so after that, a click turns the light off.
  • Hold to step down and reset the lock-in timer.
  • Clicking several times from off is used to choose a brightness level; I forget how to access blinky modes.
  • Can either start at the lowest level or the last-used level, but not both (use config mode to choose which).
  • To change UI style (smooth or steps), enter config mode (method depends on which UI style is active) then change the ramp toggle setting.


  • Steps are calculated from the user’s personal floor level, ceiling level, and number of steps. Can be anything. Some people like 3 steps, some like 20.
  • Click for on/off, hold to change brightness. (same UI as smooth ramp)
  • To change UI style (smooth or steps), click 3 times while the light is on.

I have a bunch of NarsilM forks to merge together, and I think I also have a patch to fix the memory bug, but it’s going to take a while and requires a lot of code reorganization and testing, so I’ve been procrastinating. Since Narsil isn’t really maintained any more, the main point of the merges is to simplify the process of GPL compliance, keeping all the forks in one place. But it’s not likely to get any more significant updates beyond some branch cleanup. Development has pretty much moved to FSM, the toolkit on which Anduril is based.

ToyKeeper, Yes, I somehow missed that in the new Anduril there are fixed brightness steps. I have no steps on the Emisar D4 with the old version Anduril.
In any case, on my Q8 Narsil 1.0 and I will be interested in doing the tests. If I can get a positive result, it may be useful to someone else.

Unless you flashed the firmware, the Emisar D4 doesn’t have Anduril. The Emisar D4, D1, and D1S ship with RampingIOS V2, which is a simplified fork of an old version of Narsil. It only does smooth ramping.

The Emisar D4S ships with RampingIOS V3, which is a simplified fork of Anduril. It adds some things, like Anduril’s fixed brightness steps, but it still lacks a lot of Anduril’s other features.

The only stock lights with Anduril so far are from Fireflies. However, there should also be some soon from Sofirn and Lumintop. And maybe Emisar, if I can ever get Hank to use it.

ToyKeeper, Oh, how much I did not know. Thanks for the elucidation.

Anduril has that too. You can even configure the number of steps.

In Ramping:
Double klick to Turbo, then double klick again

In Modes:

And the FW3A with Andúril will be released any moment.
(or in a few months)

I looked it up right after posting. The problem is I always have to look it up, because I forget. Same with accessing and using the config mode. I generally need to have the manual in front of me.

To me it's a natural progression dbl click to turbo, dbl click to strobe. From there it's standard mode (non-ramping) operation - this causes confusion for those not used to regular mode usage. I've used the Werner style mode operations for couple years before ramping, so again, all seemed to be logical.

Guess it's only intuitive to me...

I think it just depends on the individual person’s preferences. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s, um, well, I guess it’s that I haven’t really learned much at all. But if there are two things, the other one is that different people are really, amazingly, profoundly different. At least, what’s in their heads anyway.

Well, it may not be intuitive. But who wants intuitive access to strobe anyway? Not this guy! It’s good enough that strobe is easy to get to. It doesn’t have to be intuitive to use. That’s what manuals are for. I want all the intuitive things to be things I’m going to use regularly. :smiley:

Idk if youre interested, but I have a strobe free build of Anduril on my Q8. Ill flash it for the cost of postage if you want.

That is ever so true. My wife and I have minds are diametrically opposed when it comes to some everyday things, but completely in sync in other areas.

Can we get a Q8 in gold? like this:

Isn’t that a gold chrome plating?

I'm told here by the mech engineers it's gold anodizing - believe vendor told me it's anodizing (hint: they are in Houston). Some of the parts are 6061, some are 7075, so the tint varies from part to part.

Ohh - another view/hint:

Dang, may have to delete these pics real soon...