Cheers David

So , it’s a good thing i ordered some batteries then :beer:

Yay, :+1:

Glory be! This is great news.

500 unit first run, this may be challenging. (not that it can really be done any other way.) I just hope the runs are in quick succession.

I haven’t been following this thread at all… How modable will this light be? I might be interested in making a ATtiny1634 based driver for a couple of these now that I have E-switch only functionality working.

Also, I’ll be gone all September and October, driving around southern Europe for rock climbing. If delivery date is during this period I won’t be at home to pick it up and the packet will bounce, so some what hesitant to ordering a few yet.

It is done when it is done

Thank you for all your hard work.


Since I have not seen this discussed so far (if I missed it at all), so as not to bring surprises to anyone, in the UNLIKELY (but not impossible) event of malfunction, bad sample, etc., perhaps a scenario like this must also be included in the discussion and provision as early as now.

Things like: who will entertain RMAs, Thorfire or Banggood? Who gets to foot the return flight bill? etc.

Just asking….

WOW, wasn’ t expecting such great news! I am currently down for 2, is there anyway to put me down for 1 more (Total of 3)? Or will I have the option of just purchasing an extra one when I go to make the final purchase?

Thanks for the amazing work!

I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t have been any problems for proto 3 in this drop test. It should have been droped on the back of the battery tube. What batteries have been used in this drop test?

Well, I’m glad production starts and if anyone has problems with the combination of batteries and springs used it’s modding time. :wink:

Indeed a bit weird that they found the led (how and where did they measure?) to be 166 degC. I agree with Kirabu that this temperature should be much lower. But knowing the construction I expect it more to be a measuring thing than a construction thing.

@JasonWW, we have asked all that and got no clear answers, just that Thorfire has tested the board to be good. We are even not sure if they used a different board manufacturer. I’d rather have clear information too but as with many aspects of the Q8, we communicated our concerns and gave suggeestions how solve stuff and then Thorfire did whatever they did with it and failed to communicate well about what they exactly changed and how they tested it. Whatever we do, it is not going to be different than how it goes now. Thusfar the imperfect communication resulted in prototypes that had some flaws but exceeded our goals, so here again we trusted Thorfire to be dedicated enough to have done things right.

Seems to me that there is some confusion regarding suggestions towards what might be wanted and actually commissioning a product to specification.

A known company might (and obviously sometimes does) take into consideration what a group of people suggest as improvements. They do still, however, use their own engineers and manufacturing to do what they think is best for their company… they still answer to the CEO and the company shareholders after all. :wink:

Epic, say hello to BLF… :smiley:

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Will update list later

Banggood and Thorfire are linked, in case of issues they will have to work out the bill thing between them, no concern to us.
We buy from Banggood so that is the party to talk to. Also in case of issues post it in this thread (heheh of course with video and/or pics so the issues can be seen and properly dealt with.)

Cool :+1:

Getting the Q8 i am sure that soon there after i will be kicking myself for not being on board with the GT, but i have a thrower already its just not GIGA.

I also need to buy a larger power bank at BG, next summer i am going for a 128 Km walk / trek cross some of the best looking parts of my country, and i need to be able to charge my phone as it can not hold power that long, at least not when i will be using it to navigate the trail.

Good job! When can I expect my Q8? I am the 1082nd or so.


Please add me to the list.

Welcome to BLF, will do!

Well done Thorfire and the BLF team!

Add me to the list, please.


And wow another new member, welcome to BLF!