Qlite driver - Negative lead and adjacent 7135 chip bridged with solder?

Am I correct in saying that with the Qlite driver shown in the picture, the negative lead and the adjacent 7135 chip end pin are bridged with solder?

When I desolder the negative lead I cannot be certain that the bridge is the result of melting the solder or was it already like that, the thing is so small and when the negative lead is attached during manufacture it’s right in the way and I cannot see any potential solder bridge that’s already there.

Also, the positive lead. Does the track on the board from the positive pad then go to the D1 diode? I’m assuming it does as some photo’s shown them bridged together with solder.


Andrew, I had a similar question not too long ago. Member posted a nice pic in this thread which might help.

That’s great, that definitely shows the positive lead and the connection to the diode.

Just the negative lead now, it does look like it’s okay to bridge to the 7135 chip. I’ll see if I can remove all of the solder from the negative pad and then check it with the multimeter.

Thanks Willy

On my 105c the led negative is on the same pad as the 7135 leg. It looks like a solder bridge but its the same pad.

Yep it’s the same signal. It’s supposed to connect to that pin of the 7135.

Maybe I’m late but this pic is so much clearer for me to trace

Led - wire could have been soldered to any one of the 8 - 7135 output pins. That happens to be the one with enough room next to it for a solder pad.

Very good, thanks everyone. :wink:

That’s an excellent schematic power911, I’ll save that for future use. :wink: