QTC pill Group Buy

I’d like to buy a number of QTC pills.
The source would be https://mindsetsonline.co.uk/shop/pressure-sensitive-conductive-rubber-pack-of-5/.
Their pills are 10x10x1 mm, so you could cut one into 4 regular ones (which is about 4x4x1 mm)

The price depends on the number of pills that we buy but just to get some ballpark it would be about $1.2-$1.3 per pill + $1.5 untracked worldwide shipping + transaction fees.

So…who would be interested and how many items would you want?

The current list:

Jerommel: 4
id30209: 8
Agro: 5
Scallywag: 6
flightless22: 8
skinny_tie: 4
pinkpanda3310: 2
Chatika vas Paus: 6
KuKu427: 2
amplificus: 10
Nicolicous: 8
Mr.Scott: 4
aswang: 6

Total: 71

I think it would be good to have at least 25….So we’re OK. :slight_smile:

Yes, interested in 4 ‘pills’.

I need 8

What are they used for?

It is a cheap, simple and compact way to implement output ramping. Doesn’t even require a driver but it may be a little finicky.
You twist the head more, the light gets brighter.
See this to learn more.

I’m interested in 5.

I’d go for 6, I think.

Interested in 8.

Very interesting read.

Good, it seems we have enough interest to make it go forward. I won’t have enough time to do it in the Christmas season but I’d like to order them in the January. :slight_smile:

I’m interested in four.

I’m interested in just 2 if that’s okay

Yes, that’s OK.


In for 2.
Interested to see how these compare to QTC.

Any news?

Has anyone tested these?

Is it too late to add my interest in getting some of these? I would like to get 10 if possible. Thanks.

I’m using it in Fraz lumenite lights

Awesome worry free solution!

I’d go for 8

Argo and i will test some samples soon.

I would be interested in four (4) if not too late.