Quad 24mm Copper TPAD DTP

Hi Guys

Been asked by many of you for a quad TPAD P60 etc

Just wanted some feedback if what we have covers what you need



I have some of these in the older non-DTP aluminum and they don’t have locator holes for either the Carclo quad or Khatod quad optics as R1-R4 are in the way.

No sure I understand, the existing 24mm has holes for 106xx series, with room for resistors? or do you mean this new design, if so yes it will have holes, this was just to get a sense of the drive options

My bad, the holes for the Carclo optic and the LED pattern fits both Carclo and Khatod optics but to use either optic the holes would need to be slotted out to the Khatod pin locations. I like the Khatod optic as it is deeper and also has a 35mm option. The choices are nice but I would guess that 4p and 2s2p are the most poular options.

I was looking all over your site just last night, didn’t find this kind of quad board nor the HI emitters I was looking for to populate it.

5A huh? I’m afraid that’s not going to be sufficient. My Quad Nichia 219C pulls 21.1A from an LG HE-2.

Even the little tube light quads I make pull around 12A through XP-L emitters. If the traces can do 5A per emitter, then that should be fine. Is this what you’re meaning?

Any idea when these will become available? Or if there will be a 32mm version for the 35mm Ledil CUTE-4 optic?


Nice to see these coming along, thanks for the update welight :slight_smile:

Yes its 5 amp per led.

Best place to start is search by PCB Size with leds on

then jump to Leds on 24mm Round MCPCB


if you can see what your after, no problem, if not there are so many available permutations, email me and if I have the emitters, we will make them for you.

I was planning on this PCB and the 20mm triple and then the 35mm Quad



I hear you, the issue with this design is the PCB is a 2 layer Copper PCB, so traces embedded may run under the slot locations, not sure thats the case but will check with design on when the traces run and see if doable



I saw all those and painstakingly looked through all of them that had any emitter I would care to use (I have no problem with removing the emitters and re-flowing my own) but everything I saw said aluminum base, I’ve gotta have copper.

What? Is the new cutter 24mm quad not a copper DTP mcpcb? :~

If that is true then we are back at square zero :frowning: and still don’t have an proper high performance 24mm quad mcpcb available.

I really hope the quad 35mm will be copper DTP otherwise why even bother?

I am so confused now in the reply to Rufusbduck welight speaks about the 2 layer copper pcb…….so are the quad 24mm copper DTP mcpcb just not released yet then?

No the picture clearly looks like alu :frowning: i guess it is only the traces that are copper……

He may very well have copper mcpcb DTP Quads cajampa, I am just having difficulty finding them.

I’ve recently made a $230 purchase based on site declarations of specs that were false. I bought a knife with a stated “0.20” blade thickness, only to receive a 0.13” blade thickness (standard if you will). Not only that but the so called “buttery smooth flipper action” didn’t function either, and the blade was not shaving sharp.

So yeah, I’m being very particular about the specs. The listed specs on an item are all we, the consumer, have to go by in order to make our purchase, right? So all I’m seeing are the “2 oz copper trace” statements and the claim of aluminum base. I’m not finding the copper mcpcb with DTP. Probably just me. I can be rather dense when looking for things online. Especially full of Turkey and Pecan/Pumpkin pie.

No i think you are right unfortunately :frowning:

This picture does not look lika a copper DTP mcpcb to me at all, if it where shouldn’t the base look copper or gold like the noctigons do?

But then the thread title is “Quad 24mm Copper TPAD DTP” :~ ………i am so confused :~

I hope this is just some misunderstanding and they already had alu quads for sale, but are soon going to release a quad copper DTP version, but haven’t done that yet. And this thread where just to ask for feedback before they do just that.

Me too, and it kind of reads that way, getting an approval as it were before putting the new copper mcpcb quads online.

I’ve got quite a few of the original copper quads on hand already, so the 20mm version with 24mm optic really isn’t what interests me, and a 24mm star won’t fit a lot of smaller lights, but the 35mm Quad for a CUTE-4, that’s what I’m waiting on! (Tired of trying to align 4 individual stars)

Hmm do you mean the cutter supposed “24mm” quad is bigger than the old limited run quad copper DTP board? Or do you mean that the 24mm quad optics won’t fit a lot of smaller lights?

Agree about the 35mm CUTE-4 quad, that is really what i am most interested in :slight_smile:

The quad copper DTP 20/24mm mcpcb is just very nice to even have available on the market again, i missed out when they where available before so even if i wanted i couldn’t use one or plan a build around one.

The Quad boards I have are 20mm, it’s the optics that are 24mm. Typically, the tube lights have a 16mm star in them but the spacer needed to take up the space left over in the exchange between reflector and optic is fitted to the 16mm emitter shelf and sits higher than the top of the pill, so the 20mm star fits ok. A 24mm star might not fit in the tube in a lot of these, depends on whether or not the spacer clears the top edge of the pill.

Look, on this A6 tube light I accepted a challenge… someone (I won’t say TK’s name) said that the triple star wont’ fit in a tube light without the spacer, so I turned the star down to fit in the 16mm shelf and then trimmed the head down to fit, instead of using a spacer to lift it up and take up the difference. I had to cut half the optic support legs off on the outside to allow the optic to sit down into the space left over, but I did manage to make it work with as little change to the host as possible. :slight_smile:

On this larger small light, the X5 sample from Krono’s group buy, I was able to actually make a copper spacer that enclosed the 20mm triple Noctigon as well as the 24mm optics, almost like a P60 drop-in. The copper sits on the emitter shelf and actually fills the bezel all the way to the glass lens, acting to also hold it in place.

As with the tube light, the emitter shelf on this one is for a 16mm mcpcb, a 20 won’t quite fit, but a spacer would be made to fit into the shelf and then fill the head such that a 24mm mcpcb would actually fit (maybe, I should check the opening in the pill area, it might not take 24mm. Ahh, it won’t, it’s 22.2mm with the quad sitting almost flush with the top of the pill, so it’d have to be fitted or the pill would have to be enlarged at the top.)

I’m after 20 and 35mm copper quads

Nice pics, thanks :slight_smile: someday i want to do me a shorty head shorty tube A6 triple.

But i think i will use a sanded down mcpcb or something to raise the shelf to the upper shelf so i don’t have to sand down the triple noctigon.

Ok, but i am still unsure if cutter triple “24mm” quad is a 24mm mcpcb for 24mm optics, or a 20mm mcpcb for the same 24mm optics :~

May have been less than clear on my first post. Please note on my first post this was a question about the topology of the board. The board is to be built in Dec and is not yet available, but I wanted your feedback about whether I had everything that you needed/wanted


24mm PCB's are all quad boards for Carlco 106xx optics and 20mm triple board will be for 105xx/Ledil Satu etc



will be doing the 20mm triple and 24mm quad together

what optics would you use with 35mm board?