Quality 18650/26650 dealers in the UK or EU?

Can anyone recommend a supplier of good quality 18650 and particularly 26650’s in the UK or the EU? I’ve had some issues with fakes and shipping from China/eBay in the past so I want to by locally from a reputable dealer even if it’s a little more expensive.

Most Euro members seem to recommend these stores. Ive never used them myself though so maybe wait for a few Euro members to post.

Eu.Nkon.nl is one of The most reputable seller in that region.

Thanks guys

Conanthewarrior recommended this store to me but I haven’t purchased there yet.

a loooot of italian guys buy from Nkon, me too :bigsmile:

I prefer akkuteile.de, a bit more expensive then nkon.nl, but very fast and reliable.

The dealers mentioned above are excellent.

If you look around a little bit there are also local dealers with good products. Even though I have no idea about the source of the cells I bought a few Oege cells in Germany (local retail pickup from Oege trading GmbH), but also available via their shop on the big auction site) and, after reviewing them on the web beforehand, I am impressed with the quality/capacity/draw. I bought 4x 18650 and 2x 26650 and they seem very good.


I’ve used several local eBay.co.uk sellers and had very good results from all 3.

Try Jim at
Big_F_D_D in Glasgow, (on this site as member “Torchy”)

Chris (in Yorkshire?) at
uk-bright-ideas (away at Mo’)

and also Ecoluxshop.

All have fast free delivery to the UK. Hope this is useful :slight_smile:

Thanks for this. I’ll be needing some protected 26650’s when my LuckySun F3X arrives.