Question about haikeLite MT03 TA Devourer

I just purchased this flashlight and was wondering if someone can recomend the proper batteries to run this to its fullest potential.

I run sony vt6 or samsung 30Q’s in my big lumen lights.

button tops for the devourer to ensure all four batteries make contact

Thanks for the reply. I just came across these, would these work well?

here is a review of the brand, though not the exact same cell:

I have never used this brand and am hesitant to comment on something I know nothing about.

Good luck and have fun with your big light!

You always take a gamble when you buy rewrapped cells (or from a store who’s reputation is unkown).

These may be Sony VTC6, which is a good cell. My advice is to just buy the actual VTC6 for a lower price from a reputable store. Or try the 30Q or similar good high drain cell. Those cab be bought for around $6 a cell.

I thought Orbtronic is a very reputable company, so I personally see no reason to doubt that those cells are not VTC6.

Orbtronic does not divulge what cell is under their wrapper. It is only a guess that it’s the VTC6. You are basically paying extra for their wrapper.

Orbtronic is “semi” reputable. Their wrappers can list some misleading specs. For instance, when it says 30 amp continous, that comes with the caveat that you monitor the temperature and reduce power once it gets to 80°C. HKJ’s test of the VTC6 shows it is actually a 15A continous cell.

True. Just like Keeppower. I’ve read somewhere that Keeppower’s 10A 3000 mAh are either Samsung 30Q (most likely) or LG HG2, as both are rated 3000 mAh. The VTC6 on the other hand is often rated at a very recognisable 3120 mAh, and as far as I know it’s the only cell with this rating.
So I see no reason to doubt it’s a VTC6, and the additional cost is very acceptible, which of course is subjective. I also think you get proper warranty with Orbtronic just in case the cell does not deliver.

I use those in most of my lights that call for 18650 high drain button top - including my Haikelite MT03 TA Devourer. I started ordering them when I could not get Sony VTC6 button tops shipped to Alaska by any of the other dealers frequently mentioned on BLF.

According to my communications with the owner of Orbitronic, they are indeed Sony VTC6 rewrapped. If you have questions about the specs of a particular battery they sell, email the owner and you will get answers quickly. Orbtronic also ships quickly: Just 3 days to Alaska. Always smartly/safely packaged. I am very happy with Orbtronic products and service.

I just received my light and it’s the best bang for your lumen light I have ever purchased!
One thing, I thought this was the exact same UI as the blf q8?
With my blf q8, I’m able to ramp up to turbo mode. Where as the mt03, I can only ramp up to high. And needed a double click to get into turbo. Is it suppose to be this way?

Yes. That is a normal behavior. The ramp goes up to 50% max power, then to 100% using turbo, so it’s a noticeable difference, but about a 50% increase in visual brightness.

You can also activate momentary mode with 5x clicks. Be careful with that mode though. It’s easy to blind yourself.

Forgive my ignorance but is momentary mode brighter than turbo or is it the same? If different is turbo or momentary mode the claimed 21000 lumens?

Momentary is absolute max for as long as touch the button, so same as double click turbo.

So the difference is momentary stays on as long as I hold the button, turbo stays on until I turn it off or cycle to another mode?

Momentary stays on as long as you hold the button, and deactivates when you completely shut off the flashlight by twisting the tube.

Turbo stays on max until there the thermal limit is reached, or until you shut it off, or cycle to another mod.

The Q8 uses NarsilM v1.0.

The MT03 uses NarsilM v1.3.

Starting with v1.2 it has the ability to set the top of ramp less than turbo. On the MT03 the top of ramp is pretty high, but not turbo.

V1.2 and up also “wrap around” the mode sets and blinky modes meaning when you cycle to the end of some modes it wraps around and starts again instead of just turning off. It makes it easier to find a certain blinky mode in particular.

Momentary is really good for blinking Morse code or quick flashing in general.

Thanks for the info. I personally like narsil v1 better. I like the fact that turbo is in the mode sequence and can be memorized for one click turbo. But I still like the light enough to purchase a second one! Haha
And the momentary turbo feature is kinda nice.

I first noticed this behavior (top of the ramp is less than Turbo) on the Astrolux S43 (NarsilM v1.3).

I haven’t noticed if the GT Mini’s (NarsilM v1.3) top of ramp = Turbo or is less than Turbo though.

On the BLF Q8, when I flashed the stock light from NarsilM v1.0 to v1.2, I think its top of the ramp = Turbo.

I am wondering for the NarsilM v1.2 or v1.3, is it possible for the user to configure the top of ramp (ramp ceiling) to other than Turbo mode (ie. similar to Anduril), or is that hardcoded?

The top of ramp is about 50%. I measured 2.8A at top of ramp and 5.5A on Turbo.

For NarsilM v1.2 and v1.3 you have to program the top of ramp level before flashing it to the light. Once flashed, you can’t change this setting.

Anduril is the only UI I know of that has a user adjustable top and bottom of ramp.