Question About Shadow TC6

Ok I'm wanting to buy a Shadow TC6 from Hank. I know I want black and I want the cool white tint and the 3 modes but should I get a smooth or op reflector?

Great flashlight, I really like mine. I'm thinking of buying a black one too.

You can see my comparison for the reflectors here:

Note that the heavily underexposed photos are far from what the eyes can see. I just did that to actually pick up any difference between the reflectors.

Hey thanks for the comparison. Now tell me which one I should get. I don't see no difference. I kind of like OP when it comes to the smoother beam at least that has been my experience. And sometimes the op reflector will throw better than the smooth.

Hank said the same thing you did about the difference. But he did say that for throw the smooth should be the better choice he would think.

Take the OP for the smoothest beam possible.It will have a very nice beampattern.

You have many dedicated throwers and using the SMO reflector will not make a dedicated thrower out of the TC6.

Mine has a neutral tint and OP reflector. The most useful beam ever. I don't know why you want to pick cool white but I can assure you that neutral tint is nowhere yellow/orange warm.

For quality if you'd ask, mine wasn't perfect I'm afraid. I have the gray, first version. The tube although clearly showed how you should put the batteries in, I couldn't get the light work in that way but the reverse, so I can't give the flashlight someone to fill in batteries. The instructions show reverse polarity by default.

And when I first handled my light I saw the led wasn't centered well. I opened the head and saw that although there were screws to hold the star down one of the screws were floating around and so was the star. I put some glue on the loose screw and put it back in. I centered the star again and by the time reflector sat, the star was secure and centered. I now realize that I haven't put any compound under the star but I guess there was some but maybe a thin layer.

I would buy JetBeam BC40 for the money (well actually for $10 less with DD's discounts). This light has some quality issues.

Op it is. And thanks buddy. I'm gonna go ahead and get the 4 mode. I don't need a strobe, but it will be there if I do.

Now you got me debating if I want one or not.

I already bought the Jetbeam BC40 form Dino Direct for like $44 with insurance included.

I have the first version, the one with a brass pill. that is the first version. Everything is perfect, the LED is centered, threads are perfect, modes work fine and I used it for several months now.

I noticed that Shadow now sets the LED stars to the the aluminum base that is in one piece with the head in most of they flashlights. That can be a good thing is the LED is not centered. Probably they did that to be able to change the LED from CW to NW faster.

Well Hank told me he will personally check the light to make sure all is well.

Ok flashlight has been ordered.

I have the NW version, and it is one of the highest-quality torches I own.

It throws very well for the smallish reflector.