[Question]D4SV2 vs D4SV2 Tint Ramping Output/Runtimes?

So if I were to compare a D4SV2 with Tint Ramping and 4 identical leds to a normal D4SV2 with the same LEDs, which would would offer the best performance?

I suspect that the tint-ramping version which has a constant current driver would have a weaker turbo but overall more consistent output and longer run-times. Is this correct?


Don’t have the normal D4SV2 (yet), here’s what I measured with my two tint-ramping models:

219b is all four LEDs on one light (though it doesn’t really matter, as output remains consistent regardless of tint), the XPL HD and CSLNM1 are two LEDs per channel. Will do more tests later

Thanks for contributing some info. I am really interested in the comparative max output on the two drivers. I wonder if anyone else around here has the original D4SV2 with 219b emitters to take measurements of.

Come to think of it, doesn’t the 219b already use a limited version of the FET driver? If so then it doesn’t really help with comparing the max output of the old driver for comparison against max output on the new one. Or does the 219b support FET?

The 219b does support FET, but it’s limited to 50% output like you said. This new driver only has FET connected to one channel, which won’t be functional since two 219bs can’t handle that much current. Thus the dual-channel driver is limited to the 9A max output.

Just an update, according to Cheule on Reddit (who has both D4SV2 and KR4 with 219bs):

So the standard driver with 50% FET provides about 700 lm more than the the tint-ramp model, and step-down is much quicker.

It makes sense that the higher lumen level would result in more heat and earlier stepdown. If a lower level of lumens is selected (matching the new driver’s max output) would the thermal results be the same?

I can’t say for sure that the thermals would be the same, they should be very similar but perhaps not identical, as the standard driver is only regulated to like 1.5A, so it’s less efficient higher up… I don’t know for sure but it may get hotter.

Hmm its a tough decision between those two drivers for me. I like the idea of using the D4SV2 as a trouble-light of sorts. With a magnet it could light up an engine compartment while being stuck to the hood or frame of the vehicle. That use-case lends itself towards the regulated driver I think. On the other hand, I hate to give up the max FET output since that is sorta the point of buying a bigger fatter D4V2 model with XPL-Hi emitters.

TBH I think the regulated version is better for the most part, as the crazy high turbo isn’t sustainable and I never actually need it. Escpecially for the 219b emitters, the limited FET won’t give you that much more output, and after more updates come out to give the two-channel driver more power on Turbo, the gap will be pretty small.

Just my thoughts though, your needs may be different. If you want the XPl-Hi or W2, there’s way more output to be had with the other driver. Hopefully we’ll see more comparisons by people who have the same emitters in lights with the different drivers

The way I use turbo it doesn’t need to be sustainable. I use turbo in short bursts (a few seconds) to light up distant unlit areas when I walk outside at night. I drop it back down to top of ramp and it doesn’t step down much especially on a cool night. The D4 lights with the weaker emitters just don’t compare for walking outside. Since the D4SV2 isn’t really EDC size I consider that one a work light or night-walk light. What do you do with a D4SV2 with 219b emitters?

Honestly so far my usage is exactly the same as yours, I use it to walk outside and occasionally Turbo to see more distant objects. I haven’t had a lot of time with it yet, but I think this will be a top choice for my hiking/camping light.

ToyKeeper just informed me too that the coming updates will allow the regulated driver in the tint-ramp version to push the LEDs nearly as hard as the FET driver, so for all intents and purposes it seems to be superior… but that hasn’t happened yet and I can’t compare apple to apples so take my opinion with a grain of salt

I’ll subscribe to this thread, hopefully there will be some updates on the topic or direct comparisons of the two drivers.