Question For All These Sellers Here

Why is it with all of the sellers here that you guys aren't offering us BLF members better deals on lfashlights, batteries and chargers? Maybe I am missing the picture here, but there definately is a lack of what I call good buys to promote sales. Give us some discounts on some quality XM-L flashlights for starters. The better the price you offer the more should buy increasing your sales volume to compensate for the price loss. It don't have to be give-away prices either, but a good deal when people see. I'm the kind of person who know that advertising pays. A good deal sparks an immediate trigger respons e to buy from those that know a great deal when they see one.

So come on and let's see those great buys.

I agree. If you've seen my recent thread regarding comparison shopping DX is still offering the best prices even though others come here to try to get out business there is usually some catch and most of their prices aren't anywhere near the lowest.

there ya go , your your own worst enemy ILF , stop sproutin prices and what your willin to pay on all posts , stop tellin'em there sooooooo sooooo cheap , stop postin ebay links with YOUR best price you can find as in doing so you are setting the price ...

I don't see how quoting the LOWEST price found is a bad thing. If an ebay merchant sells an item cheaper than DD, DX, KD, MF etc (with ebay closing fees as well as paypal fees), surely the non-ebay merchants can do better.

But then again, I haven't had my coffee yet this morning so.... :)

I think some folks need to take their medication before coming on this site. But then again maybe some folks don't like ebay.

I took some medication I got off ebay this morning. Damn! I think I'm growing another appendage!!