Question on Fenix E21 (Tight bezel and not round light)

Hi - I bought a Fenix E21.

The light beam it puts out is not round, its like one semi-round center, with an oval overlapping one side, and a dark swirl in the middle.

Also the front bezel is very difficult to twist from H-L.

1-Is it normal for the light pattern to not be round?

2-Can I make the bezel twist more easily by doing something like applying a lubricant or something to the threads? Or is supposed to be tight and difficult to twist so it wont accidentally change modes H-L

Many thanks!

Sounds like you might need to send it back.

My twisty bezel is quite firm but smooth, and the beam is a perfect circle with a hotspot in the middle.

Upload some pics of the emitter.

Lucky I had mine in my pocket to check.nothing like checking blf whilst taking care of natures needs while on the clock.tmi I know ,but bouncing a light of the wall in a stall- ok it’s borderline disturbed.
It is mostly round, but looking super close, it’s like a tight spun galaxy.very slightly wider. :slight_smile:
I am not to picky long as it’s genuine

Mode changes were also difficult at first with the two E21's I received.

Cleaning and lubing the o-rings and threads helped a lot.
It twists smoother now, and also still feels pretty secure. Works great.

But no major beam defects like that though, that does sound odd.

My bezel turns are very very stiff as well, but I find nothing noteably wrong with the beam on mine. The beam isn't the prettiest due to the smooth reflector but thats about it. Sorry to hear!! :(

Hi Thanks to all for the replies and checking for me, I appreciate it.

Can you please let me know what item to use as a lubricant and where to apply it? My Fenix LD20 came with something like silver-grey graphite on the threads its was so smooth.

The head can be unscrewed from the main body of the light to get to the o-ring,
then you can just put a little bit of grease/oil on the o-ring. :)

I use 'SuperLube' synthetic oil/grease since I found some at a nearby hardware store, and I heard some others use it too.
I think the SuperLube Oil feels a bit smoother for o-rings, but their grease works fine too.

Sounds like the bubble lens on the emitter is defective. I'd contact Summer about a replacement light.