Question regarding buying new flashlights.

Hello, I need help choosing and maybe even buying a few flashlights.

Back in the day there were a lot of options, but in recent years I haven’t seen anything that is affordable. And more importantly nothing that is worth that price. For many of you it might be worth it, but for me the price needs to be very low because I won’t be using it that much and even so I don’t need to pay up to 100 dollars for a flash light. So I need help with choosing.

The general need for me is at least 2 flashlights with 18650 batteries and at least 3-4 flashlights with AA battery. I have chosen the following from Ali Express:

5.44€ 68% OFF|Shustar Led taschenlampe Ultra Helle taschenlampe L2/V6 Camping licht 5 schalter Modus wasserdichte Zoomable Fahrrad Licht verwenden 18650 batterie|bright torch|ultra bright torchtorch 18650 - AliExpress – Package A T6-Low Brightness

I don’t know if these are good options, so I want to hear your opinion.
The general sense behind my buy is that I need flashlights that are small like those packages and I need a few that are big like the 3 option with packages. I’m personally interested in getting them for the maximum of 15 us dollars or maximum of maybe 15 euro. I’m from Bulgaria so my choices are either Aliexpress or at least Nkon, but in Nkon they don’t seem to offer low price options.

My main concern is that i want to buy something that is cheap, and i barely will be using it around the house.

You can not go wrong with Convoy s2+ for your budget

Agree, these are as low as $9.5 at certain times in the year.

Agree completely on the Convoy S2+. In fact, any Convoy light for that matter.

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The lights you referenced in your links are OK for cheapo lights I guess.
But you will be much better off spending a little more & get the Convoys for at least your main reliable lights.

“Simon” is the owner of Convoy. He has his Offical Store on AliExpress. So but straight from him.
You can also get a discount if you mention you are a BLF member.

I’ll find a link to his store & post it in a bit.

Thanks for stopping by, Maestro_Da_Vinci!

When talking about the cost of a flashlight, the “good old days” are over.

- shortages have driven up the net cost of manufacturing.

- no more free (AKA subsidized) shipping

- the actual cost of shipping has also gone up due to shortage of containers

  • you have to pay VAT for every purchase from outside the EU

It is not only a matter of buying a new flashlight

- you also need batteries to make them work.

- for inexperienced users protected batteries are recommended (and more expensive)

  • if you use rechargeable batteries, you’ll need one or more chargers

When talking about lights: what do you need them for?

- I would not trust using a zoomie in the rain especially with Li-ION batteries

- I would not trust using a zoomie with the wear and tear of normal use.

  • I would not buy a cheap zoomie with an 365nm UV emitter,
    you also need a ZWB2 Ultraviolet Band Pass Filter. How to put that in/on the light??

I don’t want to spoil your fun, but:
pay a bit more, buy an S2+ and you have a trusted companion for many years to come.

Below is a link (click it) that will take you to a BLF Thread that will show & discuss several different Convoy lights.

BLF Thread About Several Convoy Lights


Below is a link to Simon’s store on AliExptess. (click it)

Simon’s Convoy Store On AliExpress


Sofirn also makes very good light that are reasonably priced.

Hope this helps….

I would suggest two Convoy M1s and for AA the current Sofirn is apparently problematic so perhaps someone else can chime in.

The ones you linked are cheap and you get lower end lights.

+1 on the Convoy M1.
That one would make a nice addition to the S2+.

I consider them a pair, when upgrading to 21700s i sold my M1s and S2s.
Then bought M21B and S21A.


Bort, is the M21B basically just an M1 that will take a 21700 battery??

And the S21A a S2+ that will take a 21700??


These are the ones i got but there are upgraded versions these days to choose from:

Thank you my friend!!
I remember looking at these some time back. I meant to get one of each but it somehow slipped my mind.
Thank you for reminding me. :beer:

The M1 & S2+ have always been my favorites in the Convoy lineup. 21700 versions will only make them better. :wink:

They are good lights but look for the upgraded ones, i would have bought one of the newer ones if i had waited (they came out a month after i bought and before mine even arrived). For both you have to search for them instead of the dropdown.

Hello everyone and thank you for the welcomes, and the suggestions. But seems i need to clarify a lot of things before i respond to most.
I’m not new to the world of charging batteries and chargers in my house i have two chargers at home OPUS BT-C3100 V 2.2 and SkyRC MC3000 so on the charger part i’m done. Also i have four KeepPower P1826K Protected 18650 batteries which of 2 are being used by Cree XM-L T6 which i bought back in 2016, but it turns out to be a lot more brighter then i need one. And that is why i need a flashlight with one 18650 so i can buy 2 of them and use them different rooms of the house. As for the AA batteries flashlight i bought a few Eneloop batteries that i thought would be using, but it turns out i don’t so i need two flashlight that use them to fill the space in a way.

But about the flashlight i see that a lot of your are telling me how nothing in the flashlight world is cheaper any longer and i get that, but there is problem with that. I don’t want to buy expensive not because i don’t want to spent money, but because i barely use those flashlights. As of now the mentioned Cree i use once a year, the small ones that are 5 bucks a pop from the link i have 1 and i have a 9 diode flashlight that needs changing and i need to find a replacement, but as the Cree they are barely used, the small ones i use once or twice a week and barely for more then 5 minutes so you see my dilemma regarding buying expensive flashlights.

Now about your suggestions i have added Convoy S2+ to my aliexpress wish list and i will definitely will buying two of them.

About the ZWB2 Ultraviolet Band Pass Filter - can anyone tell me what it is and where to buy it, and is it compatible with everything that i might buy or is it model specific.

About the Convoy M1s where can i see the price and maybe even order? On aliexpress doesn’t seem to be available and i’m thinking of buying it from there, so this one might be different model that you might need to recommend.

Also this might be offtopic, but is there a good headlamp that is good quality one that you would recommend i use this one at the moment

You can buy everything Convoy from the link to Simons Convoy store on AliExpress I posted above.

He also has the UV filters.

The listings may be somewhat “scattered”, but everything is there.

For a “headlamp” I LOVE my Sofirn SC21, but I always wear a cap and I never take the light off of it so its always ready for duty. I did have to modify the clip to stay on the cap bill securely but that’s easy with a 1/8 inch rod and a pair of pliers.

You can not go wrong with D25 for a headlamp

+1 for the D25 :+1: