Question: Will An IMR 26650 LiMN Battery Fit In A Solarforce L2i Host?

Hi Guys,

I'm sort of a newbie here at BLF. I joined a couple of months back but mainly just read posts. I do mods and builds whenever I can and am very impressed with info that I've gotten here.

I am currently looking for better battery options for XML-T6 and U2 P60 drop ins that I've built. I am looking at using a Solarforce L2i host if it can fit an IMR 26650 LiMN rechargeable battery. The dimensions cited for the 26650 are 26.2-26.3mm diameter and 66.1mm lenght. Can someone with a Solarforce L2i help me with the battery tube dimensions?

Thanks in advance.

just measured mine at 23.5 mm ID

The narrowest part of the L2i battery compartment is actually the tailcap and its about 22mm. I'm in the process of making a 22650 work, but even that is going to require modification and luck. The L2i is also pretty short making even 18650s a tight squeeze.

You also have the option of using a good 18650 with this simple mod

Aloha and welcome to BLF lyonn!

Thanks for the info and the warm welcome guys. I really appreciate it.

Too bad about the 26650 LiMN's not fitting the Solarforce L2i. I was really looking forward to the claimed 4000mAH capacity and the very high discharge rate for my XML drop ins. The L2i also offers the AAA, CR123 and 18650 battery options.

Unfortunately the IMR 22650s only have a lower capacity than some of the better 18650s. I guess that I'll either just have content myself with the trustfire true 2400mAH 18650s or rework my XML drop ins for 2 X 18650 operation.