questions about duraloop/eneloop

im in the process of converting all my AAs to rechargeables. ive been getting the precharged duracells. i guess the eneloops are so popular because the low self discharge, but the duracells i got are also. now they say the "good" duracells are labeled made in japan, and have white tops, the bad are made in china with black tops. mine are made in japan, but have a greenish grey top.

i was also wondering why its always eneloop people seem to use for nimh AAs, and are they any better than duracells?

I believe the ones you have are rayovac hybrids relabled. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Eneloops and duraloops just last longer , I’ve tried others and there’s no comparison. I’m not a battery guru, so ill let the pros comment.

i just took a closer look, and i thought i bought the same ones, but i have 2 differant duracells. the ones marked precharged are 2000 mah made in china black tops, which are the hybrids. the greenish top ones are 2450 mah, made in japan, but not marked precharged

Eneloops are the best because they self discharge slower, hold voltage under load better, and last for more uses.

I believe those are the regular nimh's and not LSD.

Yes, i had it backwards the black ones are the hybrids..i can be dyslexic . lol

I think the pre-charged ones are LSD?

I came across a good deal on 4x eneloops if you're interested.I might have to get some for myself :)

That link says the items unavailable...

yeah the greenish top 2450 mah are not lsd, from what ive read... they will be good for the kids toys. i should have done more research on them before i started buying but oh well. any rechargeable is better than alkaline

Just checked it still up, i just bought 4x.

I would be fast , they wont last at that price.