Quick advice on 1xAAA

Quick advice needed
Suggestion for gift to a 70+ year old: 1xAAA, single mode, must be clicky and comes with a lanyard (no clip!)
Which one is good quality, reliable and not too expensive (around $20 is OK)

This may be

Anything better?

maybe not better, but it is made by tank007


single mode, clickie, throws good……

Tank007 TK-703. I have one and it’s very bright on eneloop:


ThruNite Tis 60 Lumens CREE XP-E R4 LED Flashlight


Thanks Chloe & fran

The one on FT looks good, any current coupon?
Keep giving more suggestion guys!
I have another couple of hrs before I order

Wow guys, great advice, I love this place :star:

Some are out though - no lanyard or no clicky

For FastTech, coupon BLF gives 5% discount.

Thanks guys. Took your advice - Horst. Ordered 2 Tank TK-703
Some old fellas gonna be very happy when they walk around in the dark :bigsmile:

Trustfire F23 ? What’s wrong with this one. It has served me for the past three years of daily use. Repolished it a month ago and it looks just like new. And it pulls 1.2A on a freshly charged 10440.

This blackcat appeared today in the new product list, 8 dollars and meets your requirements

Would a 70 year old want something as small and fiddly as a single AAA light?

Pelican 1910 or Streamlight Microstream.

The TK-703 isn’t really that small for an AAA light, it’s almost as tall as a Sipik SK-68 and ~14.5mm diameter. Though you raise a good point. Sliding switches might be worth considering over clickies or twisties for ease of operation.

Well, a 70 year old can be in a perfect shape, there is not need to make things that simple, most of them can perfectly understand modes, and have enough capabilities to operate both twisties or clickies. Of course there are exceptions, but I think a standard healthy 70 person is perfectly capable

we live in Krautland, that's true, i thought that a Horst of yours lived here too ;)

LED LENSER is Geman,

LUPINE is Geman,

and AUDI is Geman.

Can't be too stupid then :p

Sure, but I’m half that age and I have an AAA light that I rarely use because it is small and fiddly compared to my other lights.

Maybe he is like this 80 year old soldier of the Revolutionary War.

Samuel Whittemore

In 35 years time who knows it might become your favourite light!

+1…I have this and the Black Cat and while I like them both, there is no comparison, the F23 rocks and is amazing on 10440’s.

76 and really like small AAA lights. Right now looking for one that will handle long protected grey Trustfire 10440s.