Quick and dirty mini review of 2 keychain lights

To start with, sorry for the bad pictures. Ended up giving all of them away, so I cannot do a re-shoot for a couple of weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:

The larger one runs five 5mm LEDs off three AG13 cells while the small ’un has one 5mm LED and runs on four AG3 cells. The large one is a reverse clicky that is surprisingly good in tactile feel and the small one is a twisty with loose threads that are triangular. There is an O-ring, though, so the head cinches tight.

Large puts out about 25 eyeball lumens and the smaller twisty puts out about 8 eyeball lumens.

Beamshots, large and small.

Side by side

While the large one is really bright and liked by non-flashoholics, I personally prefer the small one due to it’s smaller size/head and large hole which I prefer to slide into keyrings directly. One always has a brighter light at hand if more lumens are needed. :wink:

Also, the small one comes in various colours (that seem painted on, rather than anodized, I dunno really, but they’re really flaky) that almost always interfere with conductivity and need cleanup on the rim of the battery tube. I found the unanodized silver version the brightest and best put together of all.

Bought them from here:


EDIT: Forgot to mention that the small twisty comes with colour-matched spring loaded carabiners!

O talking about the B in BLF!
Cool you made this review
For $0,69 (the other $0,84 is no longer available)/) this is a hoot!

Maybe we could get a group buy going and get it for 49 cents.

I’m in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Juice them up with pilotdog’s tail driver and have the BLF engraving on them :wink:

If we decide to go that far then we should use the “good” version Page Not Found - Aliexpress.com

Not forgetting Toykeeper’s firmware!