Quick, easy question...

Aside from the wraps, what’s the difference between:




They appear to both be Panasonic 18650 NCRB’s.

Thanks in advance.

Most likely they use different protection circuits. That’s the only significant difference. Personally, I wouldn’t buy either. If I wanted 3400mAh Panasonic cells with protection, I’d probably grab these: http://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10001980/1141104-panasonic-ncr18650b-protected-rechargeable-3400mah


Thanks for the quick reply, I really appreciate it.

I am looking at getting some quality 18650’s with a DX $15 coucher I won, and I don’t mind throwing in a few of my own dollars to ensure I get quality. I am going to get this torch as soon as it’s released, so I want something good.

Oh, and it has to be 68mm or less…

Since you have the voucher with DX, there is certainly nothing wrong with the cells you’ve picked out. They’re a perfectly acceptable choice for quality cells.

The 3400mAh panasonic cells are very expensive per mAh though. Again, if it were me, I’d get these instead.


I hate to dampen your enthusiasm about the ZL, but before you spend your hard-earned money, do read up on their waterproofing and customer service on CPF. (Hint: both are a bit suspect.)

And just my opinion, but you’re getting better bang for your buck at DX with 2900s or 3100s.

Ok, thanks, I will get those.

That ZL is the brightest / smallest 18650 available! And I have the SC52 (it’s little brother) as my EDC and absolutely love it.
I will buy through Illumination Supply like last time, their customer service was excellent and I’ve read only good things about them.

I don’t plan to submerge any of my torches that aren’t dive torches also…

Like I said above