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Hi Guys

New member but have been reading site for a few months since I found JohnnyMac’s review of this torch here


I then bought one from DealExtreme for around £25 inc postage for the FandyFire version, until the review I hadn’t seen one before and can say from my limited experience of multi emitter torches
that this is a very good torch much brighter than my earlier ebay “1000 lumen” zoomy torches.

This forum seems a great place for people that don’t want to spend £100 plus to get a good torch.
I have a few old Maglite 3D’s ,bulb and LED then moved onto LED’s, first weren’t that good tbh then first “proper” LED was badged as a “MXDL 5W Super Bright”
Then moved onto Costco 200 lumen LED torchs which I still use for work as they are so small and quite bright.
Bought the kids some “CVLife” zoomy from amazon claiming 1000 lumen but I guess more like 500 from the XML-T6 but compared to my little Costco and Mags , it was bloody impressive

After a Google search for LED torchs I found this forum and the review on the Solarstorm Warrior which looked really good for the money, I never counted the batterys and charger price though
worked out a bit more expensive after that and now its hmmm can I get brighter still without spending a fortune, damn addiction kicking in :slight_smile:

Thanks for that review JohnnyMac

This forum is a great place to spend £200+ on numerous crappy torches, another £200+ on parts to make them awesome, and 200+ hours to make it all happen.

Welcome to a really nice place, fireblade893!

Im at Heathrow.

Welcome to BLF, fireblade893! :party:

Howdy, Welcome aboard.

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Have a nice time here, fireblade893!

Do you have a fireblade or not ?, WHERES the pictures eh, ya can’t come on with a name like that without pics at the ready.
Oh yeh welcome to blf, now go hide that wallet or you’ll be even more screwed mate.

Hi and welcome. Same question as above. There is a thread going to post your bike. Throw the credit card away now before its to late. This joint is full of rat bags feeding us lots of information and ideas on how to empty your wallet.

Hello again and yes I have a FireBlade I have had it for years it’s an old 893cc (hence the name)
I’ll find the page and post piccys (they will be a few years old though) I also have a Yamaha RD350LC that I’ve had since I was 17

My wallet is already empty so that won’t be a problem lol

Ello Welcome!

Heres the link.

l used to drag race my air cooled RD against the LC when they first came out what feels like a hundred years ago. Is the 350 standard or modded?

Modded its a 1983 “W” reg LC with a YPVS F2 engine and exhausts in it
I’m trying to set up photo bucket but its not playing atm these are the links I get
[Yamaha LC 350](<a) href=“Photo Storage | Photobucket target=“_blank”>


[FireBlade](<a) href=“Photo Storage | Photobucket target=“_blank”>