[Quick look] DQG Tiny AA/14500 Brass. updated with code

Sweet little brass AA light. The DQG Tiny AA has been around a few years and nicely reviewed by Freeme and Walkintothelight stainless steel versions. Swi from BG sent me this to comment on. Discount codes can be had by contacting Freeme or M4DM4X. If Swi sends a coupon code, I will post it here as well.

edit… Swi sent a link for this light if you’re interested. (non-affiliate) and coupon code: cd06d0
works out to about $27. Not bad for a solid brass neutral white light

Solid Brass, AA/14500, TIR lens, XP-G2, Neutral White emitter, 230 lumen (claimed with 14500). Low, medium, high, twisty. It comes with a couple spare o-rings, circle clip, and a pocket clip. I just carry it in the bottom of my pants pocket since the clip will most likely tear up your pocket. It weighs 1.83oz. (51g) with a 14500 installed.

Super smooth threads as most brass light are, can expect a runtime of around 60 minutes on high, and you must use button top 14500’s, or standard AA’s. Not too much to say about this light that hasn’t already been said. I polished the light up a bit for the pictures. It came fairly tarnished which looked good. I’ll let it go back to the tarnish look.

Comes apart easy. Small but strong neodymium magnet that sits in a pocket under the battery contact board.

This is why you should use a button top, to make contact past the foam pad

Yes, the magnet is that strong

TIR lens, with glow in the dark tape inside

Size comparison to a 14500/AA battery

Size comparison to other AA/14500 flashlights. L to R. DQG Tiny AA, Acebeam L-10, Jet 1-MK, Acebeam M-10, and Reylight Ti Lan special edition.

Nice smooth neutral white beam, with very little tint shifting or rings. It looks really nice outdoors.

If you are looking for a small light to toss in your pocket and don’t mind a twisty, this is certainly a very nice option. Personally, while I enjoy and own a few large mega lumen lights, these small pocket lights are what I use 95% of the time.

Nice review! I have a stainless steel version, and it is just a nice light. Nothing fancy, three good modes and the “tighten it to lock out” feature. The best thing is the AA runtime in an almost AAA sized light.

I just respect this design a lot. Brass may cause me to buy another….

Son of a…

All this time I’ve had the stainless steel AA, and I never realized I could tighten it to lock out.

So then I had to try it out. Tightened the head and sure enough it turned off. But then a few minutes later it came on again (foam ring getting compressed? I’m not sure). And by that point it was already basically as tight as I could get it by hand. So on mine, at least, tightening to lock out doesn’t really seem like a solution.

That said, the brass one is a beauty.

OP updated with code from Swi

You have to loosen the tail cap a 1/3 –1/2 turn, then the tail PCB is pushed onto the o-ring behind it and disconnects from the circuit. It is not the foam ring in the front…

The Warm White 90CRI is about $29 with this code, so big thanks to you RobertB!

You’re welcome. Nice fun little light to have in the collection!

Very nice, do you detect any PWM, one review said they did not see any.

I really would like this one in brass as I like push button lights:

Gotcha. Thanks!

See here for a comparison of a few different lights. The D.Q.G. Tiny AA has something going on, but not exactly PWM. It seems to fluctuate very rapidly between full brightness and partial. I was surprised to see anything from it, since I didn’t notice any effects with the naked eye or faucet or anything.

I love the tiny size of this guy. Does DGQ make a black/gray/silver type model? (I’m not a fan of the shiny metal colors).

Price is a bit steep for a single AA light for me as well, kind of want to hold out for a good coupon.

They make Brass, Titanium, and Stainless steel versions. The Brass came dull and patina’d. I shined it up. M4DM4X has coupon codes. Brass is about the same price as above, Stainless is the cheapest, and Ti is the most expensive