Quick question!

I know there are lots of educated ppl on this forum as well as ppl with lots of experience with dx, dino direct, lightake etc. etc.

My question is this: I bought some green lasers from DX, one was faulty and I need to return it. In order to do so, i have to ship it to an american address in Miami, FL. I am uneasy to do so as I believe these lasers have issues going into the USA. Will customs seize the laser even though its being shipped to be returned to china?

Thanks in advance!

Hi mizjif,

It would be good to shoot a quick video of the defective product and post it to an image hosting service and send DX the link. Make sure to include the packaging in the video. Tell them you want a replacement, and hopefully you won't have to return anything.

Hope it works out for you!

It will be difficult to catch the problem on video but i'll do my best. Do you think they will replace my $31 laser without me returning it? perhaps i'll email them again despite the 1 week wait time for a reply :(

I am uneasy to do so as I believe these lasers have issues going into the USA. Will customs seize the laser even though its being shipped to be returned to china?

Probably not, as customs rarely checks normal mail/small packets. Just don't make it conspicuous. There's no guarentee, though.

Also, if you're not in/from the country, there's not much they can do you to you anyway, so worst case you're out a few bucks.

If you haven't already done this.....

Read this FIRST...

Than go HERE

Finally fill out everthing There

thanks so much! i sent another email. we will see how it goes :)

When I got a defective tank007 from DX a few months ago, other than the back and forth emails between us, I made a short video and posted it on youtube. In the video, I had the defective tank007, a freshly charged aa battery and 2nd working flashlight. In the video I showed them that the battery worked in the 2nd flashlight and then immediately put it in the tank007 which obviously did not work.

I ended up getting a new tank007 without having to send in the defective one but then again my broken torch only cost about $14. I think that the video definitely helped prove my case even though it took about a month before I got the new one.

Good luck.

Like I have written before, I think is it purpose to annoy the customer with small questions, which take at least 4 days with a back-answer. to avoid mis-usage of their policies...the classical effort-barrier... you will have to 'work' for your replacement/refund... very unusual approach for western people.. I know. So far I have not lost a single cent on DX (39 orders), but the time it took to get that spare_part/replacements/refund ... don't ask... if I worked overtime at my job, for that timespan it took ... I could easily afford to buy the replacements myself.

Don't get me wrong because it does bother me that we have to play these email games and jump through hoops just to get something, which we already paid for, fixed or replaced but there's not a whole lot we can do about it especially if we're dealing with businesses in other countries.

The way I figure it is that, that is the price we have to pay to buy flashlights or whatever it is for very cheap. In my experience, even though DX takes forever to fix things, they eventually make things right unlike GoldenGadgets.com that ignored me and screwed me out of a measly $10.

I'm with you on that fishinfool.... DX is the lesser of the two evils... I don't love them... but I would miss them, if they were gone.

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Sorry guys!

So I got a reply to the email that I sent a couple days ago. He did not understand me when I said they could ship me just the laser rather than the box, battery etc. and told me to ship everything. How do I respond to this?

'Hi ,

Sorry .please return the whole part.

So we can make the arrangemnt of resending for you.

Thanks for your understanding.



You live on the islands? Nice.

I imagine that he understood you perfectly well and simply does not want to spend the effort to make it right for you. You might try insisting one more time, mentioning specifics about how much the return shipping will cost you and why it is unreasonable for you to ship back a broken item.

I hope it works for you! Good luck with that.

See this post http://www.budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/202#comment-9903 and

mine below that and in some other threads, and find out how to deal with DX

and the other HK vendors, when in a RMA situation. It works!