Quick review: Thrunite XP-G R5 3 mode drop-in

No pics...sorry:)

This is the Thrunite XP-G R5 3 mode drop--in that I ordered from Go-Gear for about $35. I've also had the DX 5 mode XP-G R5 drop-in for about $15. I burned the DX emitter up and decided for a faster replacement, although it cost $20 more, I would go for it when I saw that it had no strobe modes and did have a real low mode. Low on the DX model was about 100 lumens. The DX mode had 2 strobe modes that you couldn't avoid.

The modes on this one are hi (325 lumens), med (120 lumens) and lo (3 lumens). I'm using it in an Ultrafire L2 P60 clone body using (1) 18650 battery. Just doing the rough runtime calcs tells me that on high I'll get approximately a 2 hour runtime and on low I'll get approximately 250 hours (10 days).

Not having any strobe modes means a lot to me as well. For my most used lights I have now managed to avoid crenelated bezels and strobe modes and to have real lows on all of those lights as well.

The beam is as you would expect and I can't say that it's any different from that of the DX drop-in...I was pleased with that as well. Compared to an equivalent XR-E R2 it has a larger hotspot (slightly less bright) and slightly less bright spill which is a good thing and contributed to an overall beam that is more useful as it blends together well.

I've added a forward clicky switch to this light so it's just about perfect as a general purpose light to me. It does throw enough for normal use and is good as a flood as well.

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I was taking a look at that for my L2m and this one from SB......... http://www.sbflashlights.com/Solarforce-Dropins/Solarforce-MCE-Dropin-p39.html I like the R2 single mode which im using now. Just hope someone trades me for a drop in for an olight.