Quick! Someone go and invite this fellow... I already did.



Jeez - those guys over there are really sensitive. I actually answered - rather a waste of time, I know. They actually think the place is 'fun'. Bit weird.

Hahaha. I just read the thread before reading this.

i must say, i usually end up with a forum for all my interests. one for my focus i had, one for the saab 900 se turbo i had, one for the vw passat glx i had, one for ecigs, one for cell phone mods, and after a long time.... only one for flashlights. ended up at cpf many times searching. ended up joining this one

I forgot I was banned over there. Thanks for the link, turns out I am still logged in on my phone. Good thing I remembered the thread that got me banned so I can go back and do some more "ass baiting".

I've been on forums for more than 12 years now, lots of them, and that is by far the lamest reason I have EVER!!!!! seen for closing a thread. CPF just keeps getting worse and worse and they don't seem to care.

LOL! You mean you still can post with the "logged in" session?

I don't see anything on the page..."invalid forum specified"

me too

yeah, I think that thread is gone forever; they must have realized it was embarrassing.

Copy/paste the CPF link in google search for google cache, or try this: http://tinyurl.com/4x6j5j8

Just wow!

And they deleted that thread too?

That is ridiculous.

Hmm... I don't think I like this thread. I think you are trolling. Close thread.


Although I agree the thread should be closed due to duplication but the reason given was wrong.

Actually, they had unbanned me from my week long ban. I quickly made sure that ban was reinstated permanently by calling the mod a prick.