Quick summary, (not a review), of the UltraFire QQ168 from LightsCastle

I just can't justify a full review on this light.


I found so many defects, that I would not consider buying it at any price.

The tail cap switch only works intermittently, (the switch guts are faulty)

The XR-E led star did not have any thermal paste under it. It was dry as a bone.

The plastic reflector was beat up and the plating was one of the worst jobs I have seen yet.

The glass lens was filthy, with fingerprints and dirt on it.

It's only a $10-$12 light, but it's not worth a dollar in the condition it came.

I am stippling the reflector and changing the led and driver, but I don't have a switch for it, so I will have to do the best I can, but it will be not be a fully working light. I will do the giveaway, but don't expect much. I just do not feel the light is worth doing any more to it.

Thanks for the honest appraisal.

It's too bad about the light , it has a clean , simple look to it .

O-L, Will it fit a standard C8 reflector, 41-42mm diameter, 31-32mm deep?
Might be an OK mod host if that’s the case.
Edit: Based on Bezel dimensions on LC, no, only 40mm wide :frowning:

Thanks for the reivew OL.They all can’t be winners and it helps us to avoid the bad ones!-Rick

More like 37mm and deep.

want me to ship you a switch and board? It’d delay the giveaway but I can drop them in the post tomorrow no worries.

It’s a handsome host if anything. Good luck with the mod, even though you don’t seem to run on luck :steve:

Where was I sleeping? I never came back to the thread again, sorry 'bout that. Of course it’s all fixed up now… but thank you for the offer.