Quick ultrafire c2 question

I can’t remember when the Ultrafire C2 first appeared in the U.S. I Own a couple examples and I’m just wondering how dated they are. I bought them at deal extreme. I want to say around 2006? Also, what emitter was common in these torches at the time. Thanks

I’m not sure, maybe someone else has an idea.

Instead of retiring these lights (I have 2) Would it be fairly easy to upgrade them with just a drop in? Any options for a XM-L2 ? Or XP-L ? These are Ultrafire C2 lights, circa 2006 - 2007. Thanks

A drop in isn’t possible for these lights but they are simple to upgrade as long as you have soldering skills

just hunt for C8 mods and try it on your C2


I have an old C2 too, and the led “star” is about 12mm in diameter…just so you know.
Thermal transfert might be poor, even with the good solid aluminium pill, and you’ll have a hard time finding recent emitters on 12mm base plate.