Quickly,Welcome Busy


Who am here???

BLF here..

Busy here.

Hello,everyone.nice to meet you.

I am new to here.and who can tell me any other flashlight forum?

I know :CPF,BLF.hmm,haven't.

Anyone tell me other sites.

Welcome, Busy. See the Related Links list on the left of this page.


I'm waiting for the link to a website that I've never heard of!

at least she's not a bot.

Hello, Mr. Powers. :D

I think I prefer a bot :slight_smile:

One day maybe I’ll go to a Chinese site that’s about some subject I know nothing about and start posting using Google Translate.

“Hello friend, I here learning about differential calculus. What you like best about this maths? What is good calculator for the caculuses? Thanks my friend. Signed Bubbles”

Is that a snappie from In Like Flint (James Coburn)? Or James Bond? I liked it when the guns/gas dispensers came-out to play.

It was much more exciting in person!

Ah...Mr. Powers. Never mind. Got it.

Oh...back on topic; Welcome busy! I'm not-so-busy.

if we cant bash dealers or poor quality flashlight companies (well, on cpf it's strictly prohibited!), we can at least bash potential tataspamma's.

it's a good deal of fun!! (at least once in a while *ggg*)

Austin Powers? .. hehe ;)

Thanks.the same to you.

What do you mean.hmm,maybe I am angry with you.

Can you tell me which site you know???thanks.

never mind :wink:

Farting in Busy's general direction.

Tataspam.com is my fave

or try here


Wait... so, does that make this reverse-spam then?

Gentleman, I feel we are on the cutting edge of something grand here. :D


sry I was too busy for spam before xD

about forums with flashlight... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=flashlight+forum

..the best are on the inside back xD

I think Busy is looking for sites he / she can spam.