It was good while it lasted


What do you mean?

I think he's upset at the utter destruction that the spammers are causing..


Agreed Foy,

I had updates on the LED Bar, but I'm not even going to bother posting them. It will just encourage my thread to be filled with F*C*I*G Spam.

Mr. Admin, I'm sorry to be blunt - but if you don't approve and implement some type of solution to this, I suspect there will be a lot of us finding a new place to post in peace. This is insane.


This is like an assault. Wish I knew how to attack them back.

DDOS on the website that he's promoting.


This LIAO129 is a SUPER SPAMMER!!!

He's almost at 1000 posts!

He must be stopped!!!


He's well over 1000 posts now.

Mr. Admin should have 1 or 2 members (like Don and someone else) that can act as Spammer Police/Executioner for days exactly like this.

This is some serious spamming that just has to be stopped!

what a doucher!!!

Me thinks it's time for email verification for new members...

1052 Was the last count I saw.

I'm surprised he hasn't spammed this thead.

1070 posts and counting.

He spammed almost 20 times in 3 minutes!

I wonder how many purses he's sold by spamming? LOL

1150 and counting......

He's like the Energizer bunny of spam!