R9 "Beamshots" Comparison (request)

I’m sure this has been done somewhere and I just can’t find it. What I want to see is a visual comparison of something at least close in CCT (or actually even with white balance adjusted with different CCTs should be fine) To see the different in a few levels of R9. More specifically, I want to see an R9 of around 55 (/-5) vs 90 (/-5). It would also be cool to see something lower like an R9 of 10 or so as well. I don’t need anything in the comparison that is a negative R9. Basically I just want to see the range, but in actual use.

I’m sure someone has an 80+ cri cree, as well as a 219c, and then an sst20 or 219b. But I just can’t find it anywhere.

Great question!
I have lots of opinions, but ultimately, you will have to buy and try. :slight_smile:

To see the difference in R9, I shine my lights on Red things.
Lower R9 makes red look more brown.

R9 40:

R9 93:


lh351d 5000k:


Tint and Color Temperature also play a role in what we see in a beamshot:

When looking at beamshots on white walls, we see tint, white balance and color temperature, but not CRI.

R9 does not show in a whitewall beamshot.
We see R9 CRI when looking at objects that have Red in them.

I find the two best things to see R9 are skin and wood. Artificailly pigmented objects or things that very saturated make it hard to see the differences, and in some cases make low CRI seem better in pictures. Skin and wood have a mix of low saturated hues that highlight differences in light source spectrum. One caveat is that these things generally bias to magenta shifted tints. Scenes with a lot of foilage are good to have as a complimentary palette.

Another things to keep in mind is how Rf and Rg are perceived. I bet most would prefer 85 Rf with 105 Rg than 94 Rf with 95 Rg.


Yeah, I appreciate the responses. I have learned most of what was said in response so that all makes sense to me. I was mainly looking for the first thing, which was the example of the first two images. The R9 40 and the R9 93 examples. Thank you for that!

Ok I tried something quick. Dont know if this will be helpfull. Branch of wood in the back yard and cushions on the couch.

all 3000k


LD351D (9050?)

sst-20 (9080)

219B (9080)


LD351D (9050?)

sst-20 (9080)

219B (9080)

The tree pics do an excellent job of showing the differences! Thanks Geuzzz

Thank you for the examples! Exactly what I was wanting to see.

Glad it helped