Radio Shack 18650

Has anyone seen the DeWorld rechargeable 18650’s at Radio Shack? Battery says it has a protection circuit. 2000mah and they are $14.99 for a 2 pack. I looked them up and it looks like the company that “makes, distributes?” them has a protected and unprotected. I have never seen or heard anything about them and was curious if they are any good? If they are…… I am going to buy a bunch when the shack goes out of business.

I’d be interested in seeing if anyone tests these cells.

2000 mAh sounds low capacity for a non-IMR cell. Personally, I’d probably rather buy a 3400 mAh ICR or 2500 mAh IMR cell from Mountain Electronics or Illumn.

On the other hand there’s a certain convenience to getting the cells immediately at your local Radio Shack.

It might be wise to get down to your local store ASAP since some stores around here are almost empty. As of yesterday they had 60% off signs all over but with almost nothing left.

I was asking almost the same thing last week in this thread

You’ll see a link in that thread to good 18650’s at a good price.

The ones I saw at the york commons vandalia oh were unprotected 2000mah flat top looked identical topwise to a generic bak china cell I had in my pocket.
what else do you expect from radioshack?
ok in a pinch but as usual much better alternatives exist.emergency only for me.

Check around , you could probably find some laptop
battery pulls with the same or better mAh’s for a
cheaper cost. You can also find some new batteries
for cheaper $. You could find more batts for less $.
Unless of course you need batteries immediately !

Snake: yeah these were the protected version for $14.99. They do also have unprotected ones. I know the power is pretty weak but they seemed pretty inexpensive. I bought some to try and have been running one for a few days in one of my edc fenix lights.

Mike: I have around 40 laptop pulls but I would like to add to my protected cell numbers.

Yeah , ok buy some name brand protected batteries
for the same $ you paid for those RS batteries that
are like a crap shoot.

I need to order more online …. I wish there was someone local who carried a decent selection. I saw these and thought they might be an option even if a bit on the weak side. Oh well.

It seems like the local battery places (Interstate Battery, Batteries Plus etc). Don’t have protected cells and even all the Vape stores popping up don’t carry them. I went into one store and they at least had about a dozen different brands of 18650’s but no protected ones. I even asked and the employee said all of them were protected but not a single one was.

I just bought a set of the protecteds with the charger…. not impressed. Overcharges my unprotected cells as well as the protected ones it comes with :quest: o well, lesson learned. I always keep tabs with a meter anyways just disappointed that RS would sell a known hazard to anyone who walks in.
I’ll be trial testing these in a 10 watt xml mod pocket rocket I’ve been working on. Single cell so less hazard.

I didn’t even realize they sold a charger as well. Nothing RS does anymore is surprising…… they are clinging to life. Well actually dead I guess. Let me know how those protected ones work for you. I have one that has been in my Fenix edc for over a week now and it is still going strong.

Ok so, they charge (slightly over recommended voltage).
They are only 2kmah. :confused:
The protection circuit is a little sensitive in the overdraw area, kept kicking out trying to power one little xml2 @ 3.15A . :confused:
Haven’t had one overdischarge protect yet, got as low as 3v but that’s where I’ve programmed my driver to shut off.

I’ll keep them around for loaner lights. Not worried if someone kills them.

i got some of the 26650’s for cheap.
will test and let everyone know.
i figure if nothing else i can strip the protection off them if they get in my way.

I just went to RS to drop off some 18650’S to get recycled and saw these 2000mAh 18650 batteries!

Here is there website:

The pair of 18650 AND the pair of 26650’s are now only $9.95
I just got the 26650 pair, they are protected, and will test them out. I fully expect the rated 3500 mAh and as such think $5 each is a bargain.
I will post the result later today.

they are ok for non demanding uses.they are close to their rated capacity too.i ripped off the boards and used them in cordless screwdriver mods.good so far.$5 for 2 when i got mine.

In the Danbury area Radio Shack closed three stores,. The two packs sold for $6. So I bought four two packs.
I figured they were a bargain there were other sizes as well but I only need 18650’s
They are not the most powerful, but I couldn’t resist the price.

These 26650’s tested out even better than they are rated at.
Rated at 3500mAh, they tested at about 3850mAh! This at a 1A draw.

Happy :bigsmile:

These came with a Fenix BC30 we just purchased. They were protected flat top, and besides the low capacity, seem to hold out well. I have no way to test capacity on them though - my hobby charger is 4 hours away right now…

Well it’s been 4 months since I posted the results of my test. These cells actually could have been had for $5 a pair as they were further reduced in price. $2.50 a cell was too good to pass up and I loaded up on them.
At the end both the 26650 flat top protected and the 18650 flat top protected were selling for $5 a pair.