raffle module on forum

i was hoping that mr admin could implement some sort of a raffle module on the forum kindo of like the polls are done. any way that members can put there name on the list, but only on the list once

desired features, but not mandatory of course:

  • set number of users from 1-unlimited. if its a limited entry let users pick their number if raffle holder chooses, if not or unlimited they go in order of entry
  • set an end date and time
  • a random winner generator
  • a visible, non editable list to all users. raffle holder can edit out un eligible entries

i know that may be too much to ask, but even a way that they can just enter their name in the list only once per user. it would make it easier to run a raffle when people say thanks but dont put me in, or maybe some discussion happens in the thread about the items

thanks mr admin

ps: keep an eye out, ill be raffling off my 1960 ashflash combo set in the near future. maybe an xmas eve/xmas or new years special. havent seen any interest in my WTT thread

There may be legal ramifications to doing so.

We may keep Mr Admin off the hook by doing it ourselves.

im just asking for a forum module like the poll module. but maybe. doesnt hurt to ask. we have a very generous group that likes to give, so thought maybe we could make it a little more organized

If people just do giveaways, that should work fine, but raffles I think are not going to be legal everywhere since there is money involved and chance and so it can be seen as gambling.

i also do not mean like buy a raffle ticket. free raffles like we have been doing. i guess raffle may have been a bad term to use.

CPF got in big trouble doing raffles. Grunta was giving away free torches and almost had her Paypal revoked.

there's no issue with having a raffle, free or not on a legal perspective if the user running the raffle obeys local law...and has a disclaimer saying about entries must obide by their local laws.

it's a great way for a forum to raise money for upgrades, hosting and such. I often run one on a cigar forum.

If we have a built in system, I'd be happy to run one with a prize worth <$30 with tickets at say $0.50 as a donation to site costs?

Or a <$15 one for the hell of it.

I know i'm fairly new, but to me this is a great idea for a community based site.

With the giveaway I did recently, I just told people to only respond once (I think everyone did that, but I didn't have to check everybody). Then when I used a random number to pick a post, I made sure the prospective winner hadn't entered more than once. It was pretty easy to just check one person. BLF is still small enough that you probably won't get more than 200 entries, so that's only 4 pages and you can do a Find on each of the pages to look for a duplicate.

If people might have questions about the item you are giving away, then you can tell them to start a separate thread or PM you.

True. I just thought a module would help make it simpler to do. I’ve done a few and its not really hard to keep track of it. It seems about once every week or two we have a giveaway l, so why not have a system in place

everyone is respectful enough, when someone is being generous and kind enough to give away a freebie and cheer up someone's day, to enter only once.

fyi - if you want to search for something in a thread you can show up to 300 comments per page, see "comment viewing options" right below the last post in a thread

I set it to 300 once and I think it is applying to every thread I read (after login) from any computer