rainbow lighted tail boards any color combinations possible, adjustable with 2 trimmers

On 2S lights I discovered an interesting behavior that makes side and tail switch glowing on my 3 Channel 2S TA drivers in an L6 for example


Very interested then for a few of them.

I’d be very interested in a lot tailcap for my Astrolux S1 if I could find one that would play nicely with the driver.


Bump? O:)

I’d be interested in a couple but with a different color scheme than rainbow.

Interested in a couple rainbow color scheme

Yes I know its late but I am super busy with some big projects with flashlight companies as well with the usual driver orders

2. generation with bugfix I got to here ready to be build, just need to work to make a proper sales topic

3. Generation with LVP and low battery warning I got the boards now here but unfortunately the ICs are backordered to 27. June
this LVP needs also some testing before I can hopefully sell v1 of the boards or may need to make a bugfixed board

Please PM me with what you want

If you’re interested in colored E17A….but limited to only white (CW/WW), red, green, blue, and amber. The advantage is all of them have same forward voltage. Should be interesting for TIR accent light because they can be driven (officially) up to 1000mA (700mA for the Green). Green (NCSGE17ATE) is extremely bright. Some samples already on their way to Djozz.

- Clemence

difference in forward voltage is solved with a 2.8V LDO
There is no goal to have a powerful secondary color it is to have a devorative low glow like with tritium vials, but even low currents like 0.2mA total blast every tritium away like hell,
to got with RGBW lights best solution is to cut traces on MCPCB and connect each LED on its own