rainbow lighted tail boards any color combinations possible, adjustable with 2 trimmers


First I tried it on my regular 6x Tail boards with conventional 6 Balance resistors and a 1kOhm Bleeder
Main Problem was that with low battery voltage the higher voltage LEds (Blue, White, pink, ice blue) get dimmer tan the low voltage ones (red, yellow, green)

I came up to enhance this idea with a voltage regulator, but had to do some steps to make it work

first get the voltage and resistor value for each LED at the same brightness

Then I made some calculation to get fixed current draw versions

It is also possible to use this with side switch lights like Convoy L6, as I can get the parasitic drain for the 18kOhm bleeder down to 0.4mA when the tail board has 0.15mA for the LEDs

Now the first 4 Prototypes
I did quite some measurements and tests to even out the brighteness of them
Firt L6/L2 prototypes are build and successfully tested on my bench, modding the lights will follow

One tme i skipped the very current hungry Emerald green for a warm white

The tail board itself uses a voltage regulator so the brightness is constant down to 3V cell voltage and can be fitted with 1S or 2S voltage regulator
The 2S Voltage regulator has a 0.1mA higher drain

I haver also ordered fitting 3x3mm trimmers so that the brightness of the board can be adjusted for 2V and 2.5V LEds in 2 groups
On the other hand I can also build em with a current draw from 0.15-1mA with the balance resistors without trimmers

The rainbow LED boards have one drawback which are the inefficient Emerald green and yellow LEDs,
so their brightness is lower than green or white LEDs at the same current

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Really nice! :+1:

Now trying to figure where i could use one…

I have an L6, would be interested to know how to go about fitting one of these.



they replace the washer in the tail, you need from Convoy a set of transparent switch covers
Simon sends them for a small compensation to you if you message him on Aliexpress

Any color combination you want is possible

I have also a 4 LED side switch version for the L6

I’m interested in two or three depending on price.

first test in Convoy L2

That looks really good Lexel!

Looks great. Does it stay on all the time?

as all Clicky Tail cap lights it goes out when you turn the switch on

yeah if it turns off when you hit the rear clicky on an L6 then I’m in for at least 3.

I also have 4 LED boards for side switch on the L6, so always one switch is lit

L6 as e-switch light has limited current on the tail one as the bleeder resistor needs to to be pretty high (0.15-0.3mA)

Ill get in next days a L6 to mod then I can test the driver, the L2 driver has an odd behavior that you do not need a bleeder as the driver bleeds already to an LED Tail board


Looks very nice Lexel! I have a hard enough time matching same color LEDs and experimenting with resistor values in my lighted tailcaps, let alone the complexity of what you have done. I admire your ingenuity. :+1:

I did today more testing with my Convoy L6 drivers and illuminated tail caps

Final result is that with the parts I use on the driver I can feed up to 1mA to the tail cap without using a bleeder resistor, so there is no standby drain from a bleeder at all when the light is switched on over the tail switch

This is likely due to the voltage regulator I use that is so friendly and bleeds for me to the tail cap

Does the stock driver work with the lighted tail cap? I'd also be very interested.

Tested this with stock driver it does the same

Very interested then. One color like purple is fine for me and maybe another one blue.

Edit: Maybe I misunderstood, but if the rainbow ones light up equally bright, then I would prefer those over one color for sure.

Very interesting!

The rainbow board is designed to light up equally bright even with the cell voltage dropping down to about 3-3.4V depending on brightness and Bleeder resistor values