[SALE] lighted TIR boards, D4, D4S, ROT66, MF01 multicolored with low battery waning and LVP

how it began can be read here

each generation adds more features

Generation 1 is now available for D4, High/low capability but then LEDs dim to about 50% between full and empty battery
LVP can be added for 0.7€

Generation 2 2 groups of LEDs or rainbow added voltage stabilisation
2.8V 18uA LDO used to keep brightness stable down to about 3V battery voltage
trimmer optional

Generation 3 2 groups and low battery LED (s) added low battery warning and LVP
lights up with constant brightness
low battery: 2 groups get switched off and red LED turns on to indicate low battery
LVP: at 3V all LEDs are switched off 2.8V LDO and IC standby current of 40uA remain
low battery and LVP can be set to custom voltages above 3V

Generation 3.1 added set of full battery indication LEDs
LVP now shuts down everything, reducing standby drain in LVP to almost nothing

any color combinations are possible each LED could have a different color

D4 based on genetration 2 tail light boards

D4S based on generation 3
Low Battery color switchand LVP shutdown

D4 Gen 2.1 (combines Gen 1 and Gen 2) with optional LVP

D4S 33mm 3 seperate trimmers to adjust inner and outer LEDs

prototype D4S in pink/green

ROT66 next to D4S


LEDs as you wish colors and patterns
450nm blue, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, ice blue, WW, CW (the yellowisch green is too inefficient)
new LED batch comparator boards for 3 brightness levels made

[LED colors] (top are most efficient, bottom inefficient)

LED color and each single LED current based on my “medium 0.5mA” brightness level

green 19.1uA
blue 21.2uA
ice blue 25.2uA
pink 30.7uA
CW 38.7uA
WW 40.2uA
red 50.9uA
orange 124uA
yellow 206uA

my LED brightness scale is based on my Rainbow+WW boards total current while LEDs seem same brightness

basically I have 5 levels “1mA”, “0.75mA”, “0.5mA”, “0.3mA” and “0.15mA”
this does only reflect on rainbow boards with WW the total current drawn

on the boards the total current depends on used colors and brightness level (“0.15-1mA”)

for example you order a “0.3mA” pink/green Emisar D4 all 14 LEDs equipped
total current 250uA
now we add 20k trimmers for brightness adjustment
total current at min trimmer level 100uA

It is possible to define a total current consumtion with trimmers on max position
I got a very complex table to calculate the needed resistances


D4 6€
D4 LVP 7,2€
D4 LVP plus red indicator 9€
D4S 9,5€
D4S rev 3.1 11€
ROT66 10€
MF01 12€
MF01 rev 3.1 14€

Customized colors every pattern you can imagine

single color included
up to 3 colors add 0.5€
4-6 +1€
7 or more +1.5€

+2€ on small orders below 10€ total, better buy just 2 boards

shipping untracked 1.5€
shipping tracked 5.3€

boards with trimmers get build with your specification as close as possible

min and max current should be given on single and two color boards

on multi color boards it gets more complicated so I try first to balance the LEDs at one current

You heard me :smiley:
I love it, I can’t wait to add some amber afterglow to my D4 !

EDIT : will it be constantly ON ? do I need a new firmware ?

Interested :wink:

Very interested. Will this potentially affect mode memory like the lighted tail switch?

Seeing as all the lights in his example are e-switch it may not even work correctly on mechanical switches but I guess we will see


my Bistro HD OTSM drivers are not affected by a bleeder resistor for tail switch lighted
on e-switch lights nothing gets affected by switch or TIR LEDs

but a Tail clicky light with TIR has the problem as no ground is available when the tail is off, so wont work

Interested in D4 board. Though I don’t fully understand what it is. :wink:

first Emisar D4 sucessfully modded
as I had no feedback on the solder pads distance the first batch is 0.7mm off but no problem to solder even 0.75mm² wires if carefully filed the holes to one shape

the ones with Gen 3 LVP will be different, holes distance will be right and no filing as I routed wires between the 3 center holes

This is first board made, I had some mishaps like blowing it with hot air from reflow plate as the 0.6mm thick weights like nothing half the components fell of
ripped solder pad removing a resistor but in the end it works
Note that I have not ordered yet 0402 resistors so they are all 0603 too big for pads but it works at least, the 2 capacitors are 0402 and fit nicely

also replaced the original 0.35mm² wired with 0.75mm²
future board will look nicer

flashed NarsilM v1.2 on the Emisar


Some PINK leds would go a looong way towards justifying multiple D4S purchases to my wife.


What drivers will this work on? Any e-switch?

I’m considering getting a D4 now…

I am interested in this.

Oh wow…I am really interested.

I’d be interested in an e-switch version… Possibly for a bigger light like the L6 or the S70.

Lexel ?

How about adding a bleeder between the spring pad and ground pad on the clicky board itself?

problem is the driver as the MCU want to power up

with normal D4 firmware it will be constant on as it has in the firmware the LED output pin not used
simply connect to LED+ and ground

D4S firmware has the LED pin used