[Sale] Lexel drivers DD or Buck for all sizes 15-47.5mm S2+, H03, L6, Q8, TN42, MF01, MT03, MF02, MT03/07S, GT

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TA drivers series check this topic
clicky and momentary firmware available (Bistro OTSM and Narsil)

15mm, 17mm, 17-19mm, 17mm Oslon Black flat, 20mm
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new 17mm for 2 S eliminating AMC7135 dedicated indicator resistor and pad
2 channel (Narsil with indicator) , 3 channel (Bistro HD)
new types
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20mm Oslon Black flat, 20.5mm Astrolux S42, 21mm, 21mm Skilhunt H03
, , ,

20-22mm, 24-30mm, 42mm Niwalker BK-FA30S and Truenite TN40/42 2S
, , ,
38,5mm Cuoroi D01

46mm TA Haike Lite, 47,5mm Astrolux MF01, 47,5mm BLF Q8
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My other Buck/Boost driver, Tail FET, and lighted side-/tailswitch sales

LM3409 based buck-drivers

Astrolux MF01/MF02, Thrunite TN40/42, Niwalker BK-FA30
, , ,

Haike Lite MT07/09S and BLF GT, 4S BLF Q8 and Jetbeam T6,
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20mm, 22mm, 28-30mm, 30mm L6
, , ,
23mm for Klarus XT11/12GT running 2 18350s for Oslon BF or other 3V LED

lighted tail boards

Remote tail switch board wit a FET to DD or act as a switch with no performance loss

I saw your post in the Q8 modding thread. :partying_face:

Any chance of fitting one of these with ‘GT guts’ into a Meteor? Stock driver is 48 or 49mm.

Can you measure the height of a loaded driver? I’ll need to open my Meteor again to measure the clearance.

My Meteor is currently running one of your 17mm TA drivers piggybacked to the empty stock board.

Possible for sure
this 2 Buck driver needs cooling at high output levels, so a board that fits the host is important no piggyback

I can simply enhance the outer diameter to a larger size like 49mm, add mounting holes for different drivers then sanding down to the needed size

One thing for more host compatibility is to collect detailed information about the hosts driver fitting,
diameter is one thing,
but another is clearance where no parts are allowed, including more clearance near the screw holes
mounting holes,
height of the parts maximum, cables that decrease that height might be an issue for the 6mm high inductor on some lights like MF02 that have only 9mm depth

Then there are basically 2 light typed with battery carrier and ones with tube
Battery carriers make things easier for sure

Lexel, are there still plans to release a buck driver to suit the BLF GT/XHP 70.2 combination?


The driver is already released 12V LED mod and 6-7A no problem

Can this driver be upgraded to handle ~10A?

I have a design for MF01/02 with 2 Buck regulators on it which can deliver up to 13.5A, should fit the GT as well

But at 12V 6-8A is the max. a XHP70.2 can handle with a near peak or peak brightness

I bought to Lexel two of these drivers for my GT and a friend’s one. at 6A is making nearly 2000m with a dedomed xhp70.2 P2

I got my Courui D01 driver in the mail today, thank you so much for making these drivers available :beer:

Lexel, are you there? Sent you 2 messages during last week , but you seem to be not receiving them.
Is there everything OK with you?
Take care.

He hasn’t logged on in more than 1 year…I doubt he’ll see your messages…

:person_facepalming: right. I should have checked that first.


Wait, buck drivers? Looking to build a drop in for one of my C2-HA Centurions would any of them support 2xCR123/2x16340/1x16650? What would work best with the z41 momentary switch?