Rakuten.com (US)

Saw this on slickdeals and the deal OP posted seems to be dead but maybe it works on their other lights.


I've never seen that site before but they do ahve a lot of great lights and some good prices on some of them.

I found a Nitecore EC2 for just $39.99 shipped free. That's almost $5 less than Fastech's price. Not sure how long it will last though.

Never ordered from there myself either but they seem to be what was once known as buy.com so I assume it has to be a good seller.

nice find

I have bought from some sellers on Rakuten JP but so far the global Rakuten not so much luck, many sellers prefer to use EMS which is rather costly for small things.

Rakuten is the former buy.com as already pointed out, they have been around forever, maybe 15 years, they are one of my favorite internet companies. Until recently they sold and stocked everything on their site, now they are like Amazon and sell for themselves as well as others. Used to have the best prices on everything and have very fast shipping with multiple warehouses throughout the US. Now I don’t like them as good as the old buy.com because the prices seem to have risen up a little but I always check.

Rakuten bought Buy.com some time ago (2 yrs?) for something like 2 Billion (?!).

Buy.com sometimes had good deals, but I usually check against Newegg first.
(Several years ago, Buy.com was known as Red.com — for getting red flags — at FatWallet forum for refusing to honor a rebate that some distributor welched on.)

I hate the name change because Buy.com is such an easier website name :smiley:

Looks like there’s another sale