random question about EDI-T T11 zoomie

i had one, and gave it away, but i am thinking about getting another. can anyone tell me if a 18350 will fit? thanks.

I doubt it would fit. The inner diameter of the battery tube is ~17.94-18.01 mm so it fits an RCR123a (16340) fine, but a full 18350 would probably be too tight to remove even if you did manage to jam it in there.

it was close, but not going to work i guess. thanks.

I just checked, it won't fit at all. Can't even jam it in there.

I have the Yezl T3 same light. I could jam one in but it would never come out. Maybe if you took the wrapper off it is so close.

Another owner here. it won't fit at all.

it clearly doesn't fit, which is too bad. with the chunky exterior dimensions i thought it might. thanks for all the responses.