Random thought

Three thoughts actually. First, are there any women here at all? I guess the allure of high-powered flashlights doesn't have much feminine appeal.

Secondly, if you have explored DX, you have probably noticed an adult toys section.

Third, seems like most folks here really dislike blinky modes in flashlights.

OK, so at what point do those random thoughts intersect? I was thinking that maybe DX could figure out a way to market a nice XM-L flashlight with 5 modes that would meet with more acceptance. I suggest the 5 modes be High, Med, Low, V-Lo and V-High. The 'V' being vibrate modes. Sort of see where I'm going with this? And speaking of seeing where you are going (or coming...) the flashlight/vibe combo would make that easy.

Maybe I should just patent the idea now before it becomes famous as Troop's Buzzlight. Available in HAIII in nice soft pastel colors...

Oh yeah, the three light modes would also control how hot the light gets, which could be promising as well.


Flashlight,.. Adult section... :|

DILDOFIRE with 3x XML, driven at 4.0A HOT HOT HOT :bigsmile:

Sorry, couldn't resist :bigsmile: 0:)

Hmmm...maybe a new VibeFire brand...coming soon!

BuzzLight? - Isn't that a well known American beer?

'Fleshlight'...........(Usual warning about adult content) http://www.fleshlight.com/

ROFL!! :smiley:



plus a trustfire F23...

Equals "dildofire" light. Gives new meaning to "pocket rocket". :P

And yes, I have that combo in the bedroom but my fiance hasn't let me use it yet. :D


Seriously? are you INSANE?

Great. Now I have to be worried about the power going out and all my 18650's are going to be mysteriously dead.

As if I weren't paranoid enough.

Do you think my wife would like this?

Troop Lewis .... that doesn't mean you're like a camp counselor or anything does it ?

Boy Scout Leader ? ...lawn mower repair ?


Pretty much guessing that a reason a woman might not disclose her gender on BLF is because of questions like this one .

There’s already UrANUSfire… Why not?

LOL, it might be a little uncomfortable if you got your significant other a Solarforce-styled "Buzzlight" and she looked at you and said, "Um, don't they make a 3-D Maglite one?"


'Fleshlight'...........(Usual warning about adult content) http://www.fleshlight.com/


almost choked on my pop corn

I was wondering why my girlfriend demanded a direct drive XML with a 18500 battery in her bed stand light.

I have a fleshlight and I use it every night in the dark :)

I could have gone my entire life, happily, without knowing that fact.

LOL, maybe we'll see a review of it here soon....