Ranting: the piss-poor state of nowadays' customer support (WhatsApp)

For you to see, my latest email to WhatsCrApp customer sucksport:



Cheers fellows ^:)

  1. Does the app always stop at seven backups?
  2. Do the backups have unique names or are they formatted backup1, backup2, etc. ?

If the app always stops at seven backups AND the names are formatted backup1, backup2, etc. then you might be able to replace those with blank files in order to trick the app and keep your storage.

use telegram and forget such problems.

Sounds like they have a robot that attempts to return a relevant pre-written answer based on the content of the message.

Yes DavidEF, the app seems to keep exactly seven copies, with unique names as the backup date is in them:

Pretty hopeless to find an easy solution. If these files were stored in a separate subfolder, maybe making it read only would (sort of) do the trick. But there they are along with the current database in use. :-/

Heck, I am barely using 200MiB (203.16MB) of total storage for this app, I do not overly keep much of the crappy pictures plus nearly none of the chat submitted videos, as this foul application keeps one copy of everything you send and/or receive. So, if you are wanting to send a file to a handful of fellows/customers/etc, you'll end up with a handy figure of document copies. Well done WhatsCrApp. :-/

I can see this app wasting gigabytes of storage somewhere, and it's far from being some sort of 3D game. Sheesh! :facepalm:

Cheers ^:)

P.S.: WhatsCrApp King of File Duplicates.

Vote with your wallet. Ditch the app.

News! Got reply:

WhatsCrApp staff, I hereby grant you this honorific award:

Cheers fellows ^:)

One of the greatest things about Android and everyone want to exile you because you’re rooted! Uuuughhhhh!


How EXACTLY is a rooted device “not going to perform as intended”, and they specifically state “see, this is because you rooted it! we told you so!”

i mean, you CAN alter stuff, but, its not CAUSED by rooting, its just that the root gives you the OPPORTUNITY to move or delete a file that before rooting you couldnt mess with.


basically? it just sounds like they deliberately made the APP to P!$$ you off if you rooted it… or, its just an excuse to cover their asinine file system in the APP.

Take an unlimited SMS plan.
But you are so serious about 200Mb….

Years ago, all systems were “rooted” by default, and you could “wreck” your systems as easy as you could also repair them; granted you had the wisdom to perform the latter, of course.

Now, you have to misspend your time “hacking” your system (rooting, GodMode, etc) in order to recover your rights.
All of this misinformation and slanders with regards to rooting procedures comes from the fact that there's no practical way to stop a rooted user using “cracks” to modify their allegedly well designed applications. Rooting gives you back the power they do not want you to have.

As an experienced “system administrator”, there's no way I'm going back to an unrooted phone, ever. Believe it or not, nearly 100% of my contributions here are sent from my modest “hacked” smartphone. I'm a haxxor.

Cheers ^:)

Le_Zouave, it's about the amount of storage the application sucks. If I were a “normal” philistine user, it'd be waaay beyond 1GB 700+MB (guesstimation) of used space. No joking. :|

Cheers ^:)

if i BUY something? its MINE… i can do whati want with it.

if the company wont warranty it cos i root it, whatever… but it definitely should be my choice.


i have a couple cheap android phones? i only bought them because they were cheap and they were root-able… the apps i wanted to run requird rooting.

you know, network inspection stuff i wanted to play with…


phone, schmone… its just a small computer, basically…… my desktop and both my laptops are “rooted” because they came that way, lmFao… doesnt HURT any of the “apps” to have my desktop “rooted”,

thats just SILLY.

Modern smartphones are indeed very capable computers, with I/O devices unheard of years ago.

The market spread out and the affordability of the devices has lead to many morons/twits with stuff in their hands they can barely understand, and thus manufacturers/developers are exploiting this fact in order to milk the cows. Expert users are also paying a piece of the bill, much less but still significant (part of it being all of the dumbass/crippling feature developments aimed at those morons).

In Europe rooting a device doesn't exempts device makers from their warranty responsibilities unless they can explicitly prove whatever hardware failure was a result of the rooting act.

I hereby apologize to whatever philistine twit reading this because of the involved vocabulary.

Cheers ^:)

P.D.: in Android Lollipop, you can entirely switch off the annoying “low battery” notifications by depriving the “System UI” app from its right to send notifications. See the “NotificationsOFF” app, for example. Quite handy imho.

I've put an end to this encrypted database backups nonsense, for you to know. In two steps:

  1. Delete the WhatsApp/Databases folder.
  2. In the very WhatsApp folder you're browsing, create a file named Databases.

This way, the application isn't able to recreate the Databases folder (used filename LoL!). Hundreds of megabytes of storage space saved!

Nicely done :beer:

Haha! Good stuff man. Interesting that you don’t get an error message or something. So basically Android/Apple (which one were you using again?) does not look at extension to see whether it’s a file(type) or folder? Hmm….

WhatsApp does a database back up every day at 2:00 AM, as long as it is able of course (no folder - no backup). Google Drive (cloud) backups are done from the internal storage copies, so no automatic cloud backups this way.

But heck, don't give much of a fμck, really. Also, by momentarily renaming my Databases file roadblock, I can then do a backup which readily goes up the cloud. After this, roadblock reset. LoL!

Moreover, unless you're on a fast upload connection a cloud backup can take a while.


P.S.: Android (UNIX/LINUX roots) does not necessarily requires extensions for its files. Neither does Windows, by the way.

{rant on}

I have a Galaxy S5 that I will not part with for an upgrade. If it dies for whatever reason, I'll get another of the same.

Phone manufacturers are proving more and more that they DO NOT want anyone to gain access to have control of their phone system, to include whatever is installed.

My phone is INFESTED with Google. I do not want Google. Not I do not want Apple. The are worse yet IMO.

I consider my phone as I do my computers that I build. If I want too, I want the ability to "wipe" a folder completely off my storage without a trace. I do not want to be forced to do what I need to do though another APP, or be forced to back-up whatever it is I need to, ONLINE. I DO NOT NEED ANYONES TECH SUPPORT{/rant off}

I have been wanting to root my S5, but have not made the commitment. I'm afraid I'll brick it...lol

Despite what it may seem from my previous post, WhatsApp works correctly with this trick. That “Unable to backup messages” window is only seen if you press over the “Back Up” button while the Databases file roadblock is set.

XDA Forums - Tons of smartphone/tablet information & custom software development there.

More than a year ago I downloaded a couple of custom ROMs for my XT1032 there, and quickly had it ready to rock. Running an optimized (slimmed down) rooted stock ROM.

I also hang out and (often grossly LoL!) contribute there from time to time.

I only use a few Google apps: Calendar, Chrome, Clock, Maps, and Play Store. Also have installed a quite old version of its keyboard app (4.1.23163.2622203) and the discontinued good ol' “My Tracks”. My main keyboard app is “Hacker's Keyboard”.