Raspberry Pi opens retail store

FWIW, … in Cambridge, UK. Never even thought a retail RPi store would ever exist. ” RPi UK”:Raspberry Pi opens first High Street store in Cambridge

Whoa… Is there that much of a market for them locally?

Stocked up on the 0s and 0Ws when MicroStore had them on sale for 5bux a pop. :laughing: Still, if it weren’t pretty much on the way to work, I doubt I would’ve gotten, umm, that many.

Well, Cambridge is hometown for them. Ground zero so to speak.

Man I want to learn how to use these types of devices. I would love to build a net connected personal weather station as well as a few other projects. Sadly I cannot even spell kode much less wrap my pea brain around writing any. I have tried “Fill in the blank for dummies” books but it remains beyond me. Sad.

I wonder of their POS machines will be based on raspi or if they’ll run IBM like everywhere else.

I think the local student population will like this idea, I remember when I studied our local stores didn’t have all the equipment we needed. And online isn’t fast enough in some circumstances. Plus they have full control over stock since they will probably never run out of it and can also pre-launch new models/products?