Rating: DavisMicro.com [AVOID]




  • None


  • Lying, deceitful customer service (See this transcript)
  • Lying, paid shills plague this forum (and probably others) with false claims
  • Confirmed to be the same company as EverBuying.com
  • Could be the same as ChinaNewFashion.com
  • No live customer support

Hello ffandy99, welcome! Could you tell us what products you have bought from DavisMicro? Thanks!

Hmmm, anything related to flashlights?

I cant find any light on that site. I think ffandy99 have adverticed in the wrong forum?

Or could anybody give a link.

I'm not sure if they're any good or not, but this is what I found:


I did oversee the word flashlights after Lasers. Im getting old.

I just bought from EverBuying.com, and in the order process I can tell from the PayPal address that it is the same as DavisMicro.com.... for better or for worse.

For worse. See the EverBuying.com scam report.

Stephen - aloha and welcome to the site!

Aloha and welcome to BLF Stephen! :)

20% more expensive than DX. AND lacks credibility.

So definitely a no-no.


It's a good idea to remove spam links before quoting

You are quite right.

Thanks for patrolling here guys, these spam posts appear and disappear before I even see them most of the time. 8) Good job.

this URL now re-directs to http://www.brandsdragon.com/ so it's probably a good idea to stay away from that site too.

hi all,

Thanks for your info. If so much negative command about this why paypal still working in their site ? ( sorry for my english )

Brandsdragon has changed its address again, it is now www dot ahappydeal dot com.


They should change next to lonelysoaponthefloor.com

They are down. Forever?