Rating: Dealextreme.com

The sorting funtion seems to work again on DX and even has been upgraded:


(warning this is showing 2000 items at once on one page!)

Finally! Thanks for the update. I was getting tired of looking through pages of face masks and screen protectors to find new flashlights! Not sure why there's a "Handmade Soap Set" listed under lighting? And it looks like Vectrex is returning to his terror-inducing practices of links that make my Chrome browser hang. ;-) You might want to try this link instead:


This is for all the sig deleting and giving the Chinese horrible ideas about strobe mode setups....

Maybe this is a good time to switch to firefox, which handles 4000 items per page just fine, if you have enough memory and a fast connection.

Only a hyperlinked word is a good word.


Appears that DX would prefer the CPF policy of disallowing any references to DX or any other budget vendor.

It must be a kind of contagious disease or something that the other guys have and now these guys have. Luckily BLF has been vaccinated against those kinds of diseases.

Google now does evil for a living. Prefer not to use them at all where I can avoid it. Even if I have to use a Micro$oft equivalent. They are less evil.

And Google is heading out of my life altogether. And that includes their @$£@$%%$ browser.

This forum email uses gmail but it is no big deal to lose that address. I've had to change all my contact details in the past. Don't want to have to do that again. But it has happened before and will happen again.

I find the RSS feed from DX works for me. If they announced it more than a couple of days ago and I don't know about it, it probably doesn't interest me.

RSS has its uses.......

BTW, they ended up deleting that thread a la CPF. No prob, I just created a new one. Maybe they'll ban me now.

You are a true Rebel agenthex.

Hi All!

You can login your dx account?

I can't login. I tried from explorer, firefox, chrome, from my pc, from my friend pc. But nothing happend.

When i click to "Need a password reminder?" then i become an email with my password, so this part works.
I can login to CSE (customer service express) too. But i can't login to the forum........and to my account.

(I am not a "new guy", I am EvoX but i lost my whole email adress to this BLF nickname and account. So antib=EvoX)

I can log in to my account - but DX have had my order for 6 days now and it still says "processing". Wonder if the stuff will arrive this year or not?

My order frm 17 oct. departed today... good luck with new orders.

I'm better. My order from Oct. 8 is at the custom now. I expect it tomorrow :)

hello guys, nice to see there's a budget light forum there :)

im mameluco in DX

I cant login there too!

Welcome miaw2.

Good to have you here!

This seems to be patchy - I had no trouble logging in about 3 hours ago.

Just tried again and no problem logging in.

Thanks! :)

DX login is working now...

Aloha and welcome to BLF miaw2!

DX has decided to stop contacting me in order to work out a deal. They refuse to reimburse me for the defective $33 laser pointer that I purchased. Their best offer is a $10 credit. After turning that down,and explaining how much money I have spent their, they have decided not to contact me anymore. What can I do to fix this??

Is it too late to file a dispute with PayPal? They will cover things 45 days from the date of purchase.

ya, i think it is over 45 days now :( I guess that I have been so used to being treated fairly by them that this time around when I actually wanted a refund or new product, I waited too long to file the dispute and now they are giving me big hassles.

You could try filing another complaint later on and hope that you get a different person who will be more likely to help you. Other than that, you don't really have much recourse except to shop elsewhere in the future.