Rating: Manafont.com [OUT OF BUSINESS]




  • Nice selection of some unique flashlights
  • Live chat support available
  • Employees speak excellent English
  • Detailed product descriptions with excellent photography of flashlight features


  • 06-September-2014 : Manafont reportedly no longer in business
  • Some reports of poor handling of issues with orders
  • Some reports of unresponsive customer service
  • Some reports of slow turnaround time to ship out to the postal system
  • Selection of flashlight products still not as big as the mega-retailers
  • Some advanced search and sorting functions on their website would be nice

Wow, that review alone makes me want to order something from Manafont. So what do I order? Hmmmmmmmmmm......

Quick tip: More stuff is coming, if the manufacturers cooperate with them. :-)

I am going to buy something, I just don't know what it is yet. :~

Add the pro - have supplied review lights. this has to be a good thing!

I just used a great part of my meager pension to buy the

Ultrafire C3 Cree XP-G R5 1 Mode (AA/14500)

and I must say Im impressed with the fast shipping and good communication.

So far so good. If its the norm for the rest, it looks good, but one have to see.

Let us know, how the cheapest XP-G light on earth is ... once it arrives. (especially the O-rings ;-) )

Shipped this morning - decided I really wanted this one.

Don ... how do you afford all these lights? ... robbed a bank, sold your soul to the flashlight-devil, or won the lottery?

And that's likely to be it for this year unless something really interesting (and cheap) appears. I do like C3's so that one was hard to resist.

There are so many Ultrafire C3s out there. Some are Q5 other are Q3 and XPG R5.

I do think there is XP-C also.

And probably others too. But the body shape is unmistakeable - and often the build quality unacceptable. The recent aluminium one is a very good light, and I have hopes for the R5 when it arrives in another week or so - it was shipped a week ago and two weeks is typical for HK Post to here.

There have been some stainless steel ones with the XP-C, and various Aurora clones with another wild assortment of emitters - the three Aurora C3 clones I have have XP-Es (Claimed Q5s) in them and lousy build quality even by C3 standards. One of them also has the greenest Cree I've ever seen.

The Ultrafire X1 Has memory mode but you have to wait

1minute and 20 seconds.

Always starts on high.

Told Manafont about the problem they have done nothing, they have not changed the product description

even after I have told them about the issues.

The Skyray S-A5 is brighter and better, it also has perfect Memory Mode.

Received my order from Manafont a couple of days ago, 2 bodies, 2 drop-ins, and a couple of 18650 cells (Ultrafire 2400mAh, protected). The 504 and 501 bodies are good, and the drop-ins work well, but the cells are a bit of a disappointment - they are described as protected, but they're not, no protection pcb to be seen.

Anyway, the cells are supposed to be 2400mAh, so I charged one to 4.2V on my Swallow 2, (cutoff at 0.05C) and gave it a discharge at 1 Amp - I got a whopping 201mAh out of it! Voltage started at 3.7V under discharge, so it was obvious something was wrong fairly soon. No wonder it looked a bit dodgy in one of my lights! I have a couple of Trustfires, 2500mAh (actually protected) which deliver very close to their rated capacity under a 1A load.

Well, I guess you can always get a faulty cell, but I'm a bit miffed that they don't have a protection pcb as advertised. I'll test the other one tomorrow and post results.

Edit: I forgot to mention, the drop-ins were very well packed - wrapped in bubble wrap and put back in their blister packs.


Well, I just finished testing that second cell - it returned 1207mAh. So it seems like these cells are junk! I definitely won't be buying any more.

I think I may have found the reason for the dismal performance of the first one. These cells have been "reclaimed" from battery packs, and have a plate spot-welded on to each end, to cover up the old spot-welds after the tabs have been ripped off.. There was a substantial dent, hidden underneath the plate on the negative end, which must have caused some damage inside the cell. Anyway, live and learn!


Recieved order from manafont!

This should go to dealer rating:

- Fast response

- Fast shipping

- Excellent english support with email notification for every step they make (not needed but very neat)

- Outstanding care in packaging and packaging method

- Goods were in perfect mint condition

Thumbs up!

I bought:

504B body (new design)

Ultrafire r5 1 mode dropin

30 leds ornament blinking thing powered by an 3x AA holder. Still can't belive it was only 2,88$

Got the same 2 products. The drop-in work better with 2 batteries(8.4v) have not tried with anything higher.

The body is good, nice tight fit but not that deep.

The 504B body is perhaps a bit longer than expected and unprotected 18650 fits barely, a protected one is a much nicer fit.

Not really a fan of dual RCR123 setups. Too much potantial trouble if one cell gets damaged or em i being overworried?

I like the beam on the wall very much. Have to add tin foil for better heatsinking the dropin to the body since in stock form there is quite a gap.

Manafont carries the Lumapower MRV SE for $18.65 shipped, which is a little cheaper than wsdeal ($20.26 shipped) if buying a single flashlight. I haven't tried Manafont yet, but it looks like the same flashlight.


It's best to buy from focalprice($20.80) as they are the retail site of wsdeal. No-one has complained about quaity issues.