Rating: Shenzhen-wholesale.com



  • Offers some unique flashlight models
  • Sells Tank, Ultrafire, Jetbeam and other name-brand lights
  • Offers nice deals, even if they are without shipping.
  • Rapid email response.
  • have a Messenger contact.


  • Prices without shipping
  • One forum member(me) had no reply from them, even making an order.

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Original post:


I wondered if anyone here has bought something from this shop. http://www.shenzhen-wholesale.com/

They don't do free shipping, but I found somethings that were quite cheap, compared to DX, but can't make how much the shipping fees will be. Even when simulating the purchase.

I did sent them an email, (12hours ago) and they do have an online chat window, but it doesn't work.

If someone has dealed with them before, please chime in, and give a review of some sort?

They have a retail site.


If your order is over US$200, shipping is free. Or used to be.

QCG is one of the more expensive dealers - and they seem to ship from mainland China which is a lot slower.

szwholesale probably only makes sense for ordering stuff to resell. Their wholesale prices are usually pretty good, their retail ones aren't nearly as good as DX/KD/Lightake/whoever.

I've spent quite a lot at QCG in my time - but now there are cheaper alternatives if you only want one or two. If you email Dae (That used to be the guy anyway), he'll give you one-off prices on stuff from the szwholesale site.

Butif DX et al have it, they will be cheaper.

I don't think that http://www.szwholesale.com/ and http://www.shenzhen-wholesale.com/ are the same. The products aren't the same. Readind the "about us", it seems that they are not the same.

I'll wait for the mail.

I want to buy a tasco gun scope. It's 39$ on shenzen and 55$ on DX. This item isn't on QCG, szwholesale, KD...

they asked 12 $ (shipping cost) for the one ultrafire WF600 xenon

Welcome to BLF krikstas!

If it's 12$ shipping to Europe, I'll rather go with DX.

Aloha and welcome to BLF krikstas! :)

krikstas, to wich email adress did you sent your question? How long did they take to answer you?

I´ve sent a couple to this: sales2@shenzhen-wholesale.com

It has been 3 days, and no answer. Made a purchase(order), so they could give me the total amount, and nothing, nada, rien...

anyone try using shenzen-wholesale yet?

i saw this there

and http://www.shenzhen-wholesale.com/ultrafire-c10-q5-led-aluminum-flashlight_sku910.html?cPath=1_20

was thinking about buying from them, so ive put an order thru. seems u have to wait for an email from them!

A couple of days ago I made my second order from them. So far I'm very satisfied. Fast response, fast shipping, and not to high shipping cost. Here is c/p from my e-mail, maybe this could be helpful for someone.

Btw, I ordered Conqueror MX-008 :)

Dear Hrvoje,
Good day to you!
Thank you for your further information.
In order to help you to know how much cost by HK post, now here I tell how to calculate the shipping cost.
The weight below 2kg by HK post,
The package gross weight (kg) X 110(RMB)+15(RMB)= the shipping cost,then tranfer it to USD.
When you make payment to us by paypal, you should use the result to multiply 3.5%,that is the tranfer fee.
So the whole cost is the shipping cost plus the tranfer fee.
May you can understand what I wrote in the email,and caculate what is your best order quantity.
Your early reply will be highly appreciated.
best regards
Toly Zhu
707B No.156, Xianhu Rd, Liantang, Luohu, Shenzhen City, 518000,China
Shenzhen Zhangyang Technology Co.,Ltd.
Tel: +86 755 2573 9272
Fax: +86 755 2573 9282
Mobile: +86 15019462422

I've sent them 2 emails and made an order. No reply, no nothing. Hell, if they reply, I'll say I'm not interested.

They have good prices, but someone that has an online store, has to reply to emails at least once a day.

Hi Hrvoje

How much was the shipping cost?


I don't really understand that email.

juhha, I added this to the rating directory. If you want you could update your first post to the Pro/Con format of other posts like it in this directory.


I ordered 4x Trustfire 18650 (black and red one), Romisen RC-29, Conqueror MX-008 and 3x US to EU adapters. Net ammount was $58.27, the shipping cost was $15.34


Admin, I tried my best....

Hey thanks Juhha! Perfect. I just fixed the link for you. :)

What was the weight of the package?

The weight was 640 g. When I tried to calculate the shipping cost using given formula, I get a something lower value then stated in the invoice.



What exchange rate did you use?