Rating: Tmart.com

I have placed two orders with Tmart, both seemingly very good deals: a 502B for $5.63 that included a battery and charger as well as a Ultrafire C8 for $11. Both came with Q5 LED's which I didn't want, but was lured by the cheap hosts. Everything seems to be cheap knockoffs of Ultrafire products with crappy switches and generally lower quality than I would expect ordering from DealExtreme or Manafont. Even the C8 was advertised as a G4, which is barely larger than a 502B, so it was like getting an upgrade, but the pill was garbage: just a threaded aluminum tube with an LED star crimped onto one end and the driver crimped into the other.

Even with the amazingly good prices, I didn't think either of these were a bargain since I got useless garbage. The charger that came with the 502B was terrible and wound up in the garbage immediately and the free battery was unprotected and probably worthless. And I wound up returning the C8 at my expense for an 80% refund since without a good pill and tail switch the light was completely useless for upgrades (I returned the light to their New York location and received the refund in a couple of days). My advice is to avoid this place. There are so many other dealers out there, why take chances.

Thanks brted, description of Tmart updated.

Ordered a ultrafire c3 ss q5 with 1 mode for 10$ , shipped on 7/24 arrived 7/28. Fast shipping , would be nice if they had a larger selection of lights,batteeries.

I've order two items from them, both got here in 3 or 4 days from the date I placed the order, both items were as described. No complaints.

I ordered some LED light strips for my Harley. Ridiculously low price for the same thing that was 9X more at the autoparts store. Had it in 2 days. Amazing in these days of dealing with DX and KD.

I would agree with brted. Their shipping time is pretty good within the US, but their merchandise is crap. I ordered the 100mw laser in 502b host, and it's the same crap fake that their 502b q5 is in, plus it didn't work so I had to waste time and money to ship it back to them. Frankly if your products are even more crap than DX, it's not worth buying from.

The only redeeming thing is the 502b drop in does have a nanj regulated linear driver.

i think DX and tmart are both reliable, but in China they may don't have that serious standard about the step negotiating with the products foundry. and the something like fake or crap come out, but you will take a steal sometimes. for no complaints. anyhow they are cheap and not the genuine manufacturer.

Some vendors seem to deal with better or more reliable suppliers than others. For example, the lights I've gotten from Lightake or Buyincoins tend to be the real article. When you're purchasing via mail order, all you have to rely on is reputation.

and how about this one if it was voted to the top in the near 1 hour? ($33.48 to $26.78)diverse style!


30 Lumens BX13 3 Leaf Rotary System of LED Flashlight Solar Battery Charger

I ordered the lovely 100mw green laser with a charger for my camera battery and 2 cr2 batteries. all came within a few days so im pretty happy with my order. everything is working fine.

This was my first order with Tmart and so far I certainly can't complain. I ordered a single AA Ultrafire XR-E light late Thursday night and I received it today (Monday) so basically 4 days with a free gift of a wooden ruler :)

The light (Ultrafire BJO8A) seems to be well made. The brass pill screws into the tube and the head screws over that. The reflector is also screwed into the head.

I'm going to try it with a 14500 when that arrives with my Manafont order. I'm also going to try it with a 22 mm aspheric once that arrives from DX if I can easily grind it down a bit. If not I'll use it as it with a 14500. This light was about $16.

The picture attached is from an ad and not my specific light.

I placed a second order for a single 14500 ($2.75) with free shipping an received that 5 days later.

I may have ordered everything flashlight related that they have now :) but if I do need anything that they have it's a no-brainer for me to use them again.

Where else can you order a single 14500 and get it that fast with free shipping?

I made my first order from Tmart two months ago. They shipped in a few days but after that i still couldn't get my package even after two months. I live in London and clearly it took much longer than it should. They have a 45-day refund policy: http://www.tmart.com/HelpCenter/45-Day-Refund-Guarantee.html

In which they clearly state : "If it is our or logistic company's fault, or the customs policy that leads to a failure on receiving within 45 days since shipping date, we will fully refund you unconditionally"

But when i requested a refund, they just keep me stalling and telling me to wait some more. And they even went too far telling me that they shipped it and it's not their responsibility if some error happened in transit! I replied with a harsh email and explained (once again) their own refund policy to them which obviously customer service had wrong information about.

Then i received an auto-generated email telling me that they shipped my order again. I asked for a refund but without asking me they decided to ship it again. At least it says so in their sie. I'm not even sure they actually shipped another package. Could be a trick to convince me to wait for another month or two.

I will post the updates here to let people know but my experiences so far indicate that this is not a reliable company.

Paypal dispute. It happen to me when I order with another company, bestofferbuy for a tank007 737. After 35 days, I e-mail them about the missing light. They replied me they send the light and that was not their problem. I filed a dispute and my account was credited back the money. No other e-mail or other notice from the store at all. Just remember paypal is on our side. (45 DAYS) It has been more than 2 months now, still no light. So either it is lose in transit or they never send it. Remember the 45 days limit on filing dispute. Just my 2 cents.

Very helpful advice. I didn't know we could do that. I'll look into it.

Thanks a lot.

UPDATE: I thought the 45-day limit was lower limit, apparently it's an upper limit! But i had to wait 45 days to ask for a refund first and PayPal advises to deal with the seller before escalating the problem to them. I think there's a logical error here. They include undelivered items too but i guess mostly broken or wrong items are considered while setting this policy. Well, I registered my dispute anyway.

remain neutral, anyhow the paypal stand by the consumers. and tmart guarantee the 45days refund, there is no trick, and so many guys here supervising for you. mine Ultrafire BJO8A is coming soon.

You can file a "dispute" with PayPal up to 45 days from the date of the purchase. So you always want to do that if you haven't seen the item. Contact the dealer at day 35 or 40, then if you don't have the item in your possession by day 44, file a dispute. This gives the dealer another couple of weeks to resolve the dispute (or for the item to show up). If you still don't have the item after that extra time, you escalate the "dispute" to a "claim" and PayPal will usually pay you within 24 hours. If I got an item after I've been awarded the claim, I would probably try to pay the dealer back. But generally if you don't have an item by day 44, it isn't showing up.

A lot of times after you file a dispute the dealer won't deal with you anymore (guaranteeing they will lose the eventual claim). They know if they send the item again that you won't get it before you have to file a claim, so my experience is they do nothing. Whatever. At least you get your money back.

I wish i knew this before this incident but i waited too long to do that.

Today they sent me another mail telling me to check the package at the local post office. And if it is not there they will "issue you a certain compansation".

I don't know if they are trying to mock me or buy more time. PostOffice can't find info on that package and i replied to them, once again, asking for my money back.

I'm considering labelling Tmart.com with the "Avoid" label due to the recent influx of lying shills that have arrived here from Tmart. What do you guys think?

I just contacted their customer service and firmly warned them to stop sending lying shills to BLF. We'll see if they listen...