Rating: Tmart.com



  • Some unique products at competitive prices
  • Worldwide free shipping
  • Fast shipping from USA warehouse on some products


  • Employs lying shills posing as interested customers on BLF, calling into serious question their business ethics RESOLVED
  • Some fake product reviews RESOLVED
  • Bate-and-switch selling tactics
  • Reports of poor customer service
  • Some products are low quality imitations
  • Some products not as described

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unit 01A, 10/F
Carnival Commercial Building, 18 Java Road
Hong Kong

My only order came with an unexpected (and probably not all that good but I've not tested it) 18650 in it. The light arrived in a reasonable time and was very cheap and decent quality. No complaints here.

Hmm, did you check your tracking number? Is is an HK number or a US number?

I ordered the 502B package deal from Tmart when it was less than $7. That was shipped from New York and I got it within a week, so they do have some stuff in the US. I can't imagine they have everything though. Non-US people got different 502B packages from HK.

Tmart ships out of Brooklyn, and the four orders I've made with them have all been received very quickly, 3-5 days or so. No complaints at all.


If you use the live chat they offer You can ask ( before you order) if a particular sku is available at the US warehouse.

I did this with a laser pointer and they told me it was available. Received it two days later :)

Anyone know where they ship from to the UK? I assume it's from China, but I'm still waiting for my first order from them to arrive.

i was looking at their binoculars and optics and noticed that they have some fake product reviews up. some of which are copied to more than one product lol :/

Thanks, updated first post.

I ordered items from DX,KD,Manafont and Tmart on the same day, the Tmart package is the first to arrive. Now that could just be random chance, but they did dispatch it nice and quickly.

It was packaged very nicely, the Ultrafire C3 for instance was wrapped in bubble wrap, in a box, the box was then in a zip top bag and that bag along with the other items was in a bigger Tmart branded zip top bag with a flyer and discount code.

I will buy from them again.

I've placed 3 orders with them so far, and all three were good transactions. Fast ship & reasonable packaging. I'll shop with them again, I'm sure.

I've just recived an order from them, one of the items wasn't as expected.

I ordered these 18650's - http://www.tmart.com/2pcs-LC-18650-2400mAh-Gray-Charge-Batteries-with-Fender-Apron_p105734.html

Apparently they have a "fender apron", which I imagine is Google Translate for protection circuit. You can see there is an Ultrafire circuit on the bottom of the cells and they are branded for Falcon Innovations.

Sadly what I received are gret Ultrafire cells that say they are protected on the label...which they obviously are not.

I've sent them an email, so lets see what they say.

Fender apron?

Keep us posted! How long did the package wander the world till coming to you?

Delivery was quick around 10days or so, it was sent from the US.

No reply from them as yet, hopefully that's because they don't work weekends. I've they don't get back to me by the middle of the week I'll just file a Paypal dispute.

There was a little bit of a language barrier going on with our comunication so it took a couple emails back and forth. All resolved now as they refunded the full amount.

So...I'll buy from them again :)

10% off coupon code ?? is there one available ?

I read the entire post and seems that someone love this charger (the one from DX) and someone hate it.
The problem is i need a charger for Li-Ion and Ni-MH easy to carry with me and don't seems there are many option.


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I mentioned the shipping details before, they set several warehouse in different parts, and they will ship goods from california if the orders in us, and from hongkong for rest of the area worldwide.

I got 2 orders from Tmart, both shipped from Brooklyn NY both orders had issues that involved live chat and e-mail correspondence. The first order was actually placed through Gadgettown but it shipped from the same address in Brooklyn and I dealt with the same customer service people Violet and Sharon for both orders.

The first order was for a laser. I received it in two business days after I ordered it, but they shipped the wrong battery with it. At first they wanted me to take a $3 store credit, but they did not have an 16340 battery for $3 on there site so after a couple e-mails they sent me a battery a 16340 Trustfire blue and let me keep the 18650 Trustfire blue that came with the order. The laser was of very good quality but the batteries were of poor quality. It took over a week to resolve the battery issue luckily I had plenty of 16340s to use while I waited.

Second order was for the daily deal it was a Ultrafire G4 for $11, a very good price. They shipped a very cheap Ultrafire C8 instead of the G4 I ordered. I received it in 4 business days shipped from Brooklyn. I did live chat and multiple e-mails finally sent the item back at a cost to me of $3.75.

If it was an honest mistake they should take full responsibility for there error otherwise I will assume they are pulling a bait and switch scam which is unacceptable from a reputable vendor.

At this point I don't think I will be doing business with Tmart anymore.

I will update if the issue is resolved.

Update: after posting this Tmart contacted me again and offered a full refund and a $2 store credit so I am only out for $1.75. That is a much better outcome than I expected so maybe I will give them a second chance.

Edit: After all was said and done I never received the $2 dollar store credit and did fall victim to the fraudulent bait and switch behavior. I was out for the full amount of return shipping after ordering an Ultrafire G4 and receiving an Ultrafire C8 knockoff. So I would recommend avoiding Tmart.