Rating: Tmart.com

Dear gloomywarfreak,

Sorry for the inconvenience we caused .
I have got your message , Would you please inform me the time,amount,date and the Transaction ID,so that I can ask our finance man to check it for you .
please don’t worry,if we really have charged your money,we will refund to you .

And God above as our witness know just how great of rating they have here and how they lie and deceive their customers on a daily basis.

Replied to your email Sherry. Thanks for looking into it.

+1 Sherry Tmart

Have to give them credit though, they have customer service (Sherry) that is willing to help.

I have had no problems ordering from Tmart and if I have a question about anything they respond quickly. It looks to me that they correct errors quickly also not like some other company’s. I give Louis and Sherry an A+

Sherry is indeed very nice and helpful to handle my complaint however TMART has already taken $15 from me and there’s NO WAY to make me attempt another transaction with them and throw out another $15, just to give them a screenshot.

Sorry TMART you just lost another customer.

My order was just marked as shipped at 12:00 in the morning. :P Happy though as this means I will have it in a few dyas. :D

I’m sorry, but that is a very odd first post on a flashlight forum.

Just how/where did they post YOUR billing information online? Please explain, the entire post does not make a lot of sense. How would Tmart send you a phishing email or virus (they are not the same thing, phishing emails do not contain viruses, they contain links to fake sites).

And please explain without using all caps, as that makes it seem like you are YELLING at us all here, it is very uncomfortable.

I did order an HD 2010 from T-mart yesterday (after not ordering any new torches for over 60 days!). It is my first order with them for over a year, since I got a green laser from the USA warehouse. That went well, I’ll let you know how this one goes.

Dear gloomywarfreak,

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused .For this issue,I really have asked our finance man to check it again and again.
But we still can’t find your transaction information .I think you didn’t placed the order successfully .If yes,you will received an order confirmation .Like I said,you can contact your bank.If we really charged your card,we will refund to you .
Thanks for your support and patience in advance.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards,

:slight_smile: Sweet Reminder:If you encounter problems when you are make payment,please take a screenshot to us. So that we can check with the technoloy department for details and help you slove problems.

I have had 3 orders from Tmart that arrived before my tracking was updated. 2 days! Granted I’m in eastern PA and they shipped from NYC via Streamlite. Streamlite is no longer in business as of 6/14/12 so my current order is being shipped via USPS. Wonderful. (Sarcasm implied) No problems and I find they are my best resource for 2 day (pending) shipping versus possible months via Hong Kong/China post.

From what I am hearing about this dispute, it goes like this, and correct me if I am wrong!

1. camil h ordered something from Tmart for $5.01 (or somewhere around that amount) and it was shipped out. However, after it was shipped, camil h sent in a change of address, but Tmart had already shipped to the orginal address. I think this is where a lot of the confusion got started. Tmart explained that they couldn’t change address after it was shipped.

After that, things went haywire, maybe on both sides. camil h started posting on websites his ire on this transaction. Tmart on the other hand, refund the money, offered another refund, and for him to pick something of the same value, I think he refused. To add more fuel to the runaway fire, Tmart makes the mistake of posting his real shipping info online. Not cool, and obviously a mistake on Tmart’s part. Also, I think they admitted that was a mistake and not done on purpose.

At this point, and judging from the 1st post screaming post, things have got out of hand. People, just like companies all at sometime or another are going to make mistakes, we all know that. However, there are ways to go about handling problems. They are mistakes, period.

Now, I am hoping that camil h responds to my post, and make any corrections in what I have posted. No need to be running around screaming, let’s get to a solution.

Just the 2 cents of an old geezer… :wink:

@trooplewis: Finally fell off the wagon, eh? HD 2010 is a great light and you are going to love it.

I'm on my 3rd light from Tmart. All three shipped within a day, first two orders arrived 5 and 7 days after order, including weekend time. They also sent me a 10% off coupon after the 2nd order. I'm happy with them so far.

I ordered two lights and had them within four days. Amazingly fast. Almost as good as Newegg; can’t complain about that. Both lights were EXACTLY as described and packaged well. No complaints here. I would order from them again.

I was billed twice (forget the vendor) but it was MY fault. PP made me aware (before I discovered it) of the prob & fixed it post haste. I have purchased twice from T-Mart without incident. These vendors can only lose (IMO) by stealing peoples money. It would be business ‘suicide!’


I just got another order (and my dad got his order), everything arrived as described and working (A G4 MCU, a C8 and a few 18650s) in a very timely manner.

Now I have to take a few points away from Tmart.

I also experienced issues ordering the Z8. First attempt was over the weekend. I didn’t find out until monday evening that the order didn’t process so I proceeded to place another order. I was already a little frustrated because I was really trying to get it by next weekend. Now it’s Tuesday afternoon and I find out it’s not even in stock at the US warehouse! They didn’t voluntarily inform me. I contacted chat support to confirm my order would be shipping today. That’s when I was informed it’s not in stock. Their only solution is for me to wait for it to come from HK. I passed. I’ll take the refund and probably pass on this light for now. It’s just really annoying when these big, Chinese retail websites take your money right away but often don’t inform you the item is not in stock until days have passed, if you’re informed at all. In the meantime I’m gonna get a Keygos M12 on ebay and tinker with that. I’ll make it a mod project.

At least they have customer service that will communicate with you. Sherry Ye is usually helpful as well.

I don’t know about the experiences of others, looks like there is different luck for some of us…

My one and only order from TMart was in the “Group buy UltraFire G4 MCU”.

Flashlight came very quickly (ordered 07.05. (thursday), delivered to Croatia 07.16. (monday) from Hong Kong => there are 2 weekends in between!) - I must admit that I am very impressed with it, compared to other - some shipments took over two months from China to my door, but some “normal”, usual, expected time to deliver is about 20-30 days…

The flashlight came very well packaged (three layers of bubblewrap, one of them really “fat”:wink: so that it arrived to me without any damage in transit.

Flashlight is the way it is, but roughly, what I ordered - I got, I think; everything working properly*, so - for now about the TMart I can say only the best…

*ATM i still haven’t any 18500 batteries (shame on me)… :frowning: … I’m waiting… :stuck_out_tongue: … so i put inside one of my 14500, from stock, improvise contacts, just to prove it, and all is fine… anyhow, looks like good invested $10.99 to me… :stuck_out_tongue:

I placed two orders with Tmart. Both came fast and were what I ordered. I will order from them again. They have been much better than DX.

I have gotten 3 shipments from Tmart in less than a week and all products (mcu, skyray king, and batteries have been in perfect condition.