We have a rattlesnake at our house, near my sister's room.

(My sister is almost 41 years old.)

She poked it with a stick, hoping it would go away.

I told her that with dangerous animals, you either leave them alone, or you kill them, there is no in between.

So she got a shovel out and killed it!

This is the first rattlesnake she has ever killed.

I told her that she gets 1000 experience points and 500 gold.

I'm very glad she was able to kill it, as it was getting angry at her.

She says she'll take some pics, so I can post them later in this thread.

I honestly didn't think she would be able to kill it, but she proved me wrong.

I was thinking about trying to kill it myself, but I don't really know how to do it, and it's extremely dangerous.

Props to my little sis!

Raccoon, seems you have a mongoose in the family :wink:

So how's she going to cook it and is she going to share?

She should have called state wildlife officials. She could have been seriously injured or even killed.

That being said what attracted the snake to the home?

Glad your sister is ok… but it’s too bad that it had to die…

I ride in the mountains and run into them frequently and usually shoo em away w/ a stick. They’re always happy to leave
their favorite tanning spots…

Maybe some snake boots, gloves, tongs and a bag or trap would be a good idea if snakes are a problem in your area.
Saves cleaning up too if you don’t have to smash them all over the floor with spades & stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Here's some pics.

Please forgive the quality as they are cell phone photos taken quickly.

The first pic was zoomed in, so it looks particularly bad.

After the first pic, the snake has no head.

She got rid of the head before I called her and asked her to take more photos.

Dang, we have lots of Copperheads here which I see frequently, and we have rattlesnakes but I’ve never seen or heard one.

There was a three foot wall between my sister and the snake, so even though it lunged at her, she says she was in no danger.

We have Desert Pocket Mice and Desert Pack Rats that the snakes eat.

Come over here lad.
We have a great assortment. Mostly poisonous.
There’s Python in the scrub by our pool in back garden.
But I’ve yet to see it in the pool.
Maybe cause it’s a salt pool??.
They good for the rats (Laptop Dropkick dogs) around here.

Snakes you can see.
It’s the spiders over here are the dangerous items.

Depending on your seasons. It’s probably looking for a nest area.

Shame she killed it.
I can think of a lot of humans I’d rather put down first.

Mixed feelings about this one. Rattlesnakes are dangerous, and living around them would not be fun. Eliminating it from her immediate surroundings was appropriate. But it is a beautiful animal, and I hate seeing them killed. Regardless, I agree 1000 experience and 500 gold is in order.

Like Macka said, there are likely fewer rats and other rodents around due to the snakes that are around. Now that the deed is done, save the rattle at least . . .

I just found out...

She kept the rattle!

And I agree, it's sad that such a beautiful animal is dead.

But we have my 9 year old niece and my Cardigan Welsh Corgi that could easily be attacked by the snake.

By the way, today is Alice's birthday.

That's why we went to the movies today.

Lately we almost always watch movies at home, but it was nice to get out of the house for the birthday.

I ate a brown snake for a joke. Aboriginal mate sayes the other snakes can sense it and will keep away from me.

Before I saw this post I was going to read to the end and ask if she kept the rattle. Excellent that she did. I have a few from years ago. We were too big of chickens to get close enough to dispatch it by hand or hand tool so, a shot gun was deployed. We have some cotton mouths along with some other non deadly species. Now days I just relocate them back into the woods. Got together with a big snake guy in my area and he showed me some tricks to capture them and get them away from the house or out of the out building. With that stick, which I forget the name of, and a bit of caution and common sense it’s not real difficult. Patience is your friend.

Happy Birthday to Alice.

Yes, eventually we'll go to Golden Corral, which is our favorite place to eat for birthdays.

It's not real close to home, but it's worth the trip!

Eating them ain’t bad. We used to throw one on the fire out bush if it got driven over. Too close to camp bunks etc.
Sticks are ok with some snakes. as long as you keep the bag handy to drop him into after he slid up it.
We used to have a length of thick fencing wire.
Doubled and twisted (Spiral. till tight and long enuff.
Form a 2 prong fork at one end with a grip of some sort on tóther.

When they annoying and won’t move when walking along.
Normally they do.
just hold him down by the head area with prong,
while you pick him up behind head or slide bag over head.
as said above. Patience IS your best mate.

Either way.
DO NOT touch one till a (preferably) handler has shown you.

We used to get a lot out shooting in season.
Take them back to Serum lab’s in Adelaide.
$4 for Brownies. $6 for Tigers.
Half a doz paid for your shells or fuel in those days.

I’m talking 40/50 yrs ago here.
I’d be WAAAY too slow for one nowadays. Just walk away…

The old sleepy Python I pick up in back yard is my limit.
She just looks at me and curls head back in coils.
Even missus agrees. From a distance.

Some states they are protected. I know N.Y. is one.

Yeah, NY would fail to protect it from me if I find one rattling around my yard.

Yeah, hear ya. Snake dens have stopped whole housing developments. Same with black bears in Pa. They have to be practically on you before you can shoot one.

I hate killing animals when it’s unnecessary, but they’d attack me if I went into their den/territory and threatened them . Sometimes you’ve gotta be ruthless.

That’s probably because black bear attacks are incredibly rare unless they’re sick or feel cubs are in danger. You can yell at them and they’ll run off.