Rayovac Indestructible 2x AA

the Rayovac Indestructible flashlight series is on the market since spring 2011, and the only official place where you could buy them from is Home Depot, USA however they dont ship internationally. the 2x AA model is of interest because we're here in the BLF Multiple AA / 14500 Flashlights forum section harhah. Some promotional tour footage and youtube video reviews exist, not any much though.

no review by a flashaholic seen so far.

afaik parts of the torch are glued (e.g. in the head), the lens is plastic, two springs for the batteries and the rubber does most of the job of protecting the torch. Economically priced item:

US$ 14.99

maybe the obvious disadvantage, its length and weight:

6.457 in = 16.40 centimeters

that's 15mm longer than the Fenix LD20. If anyone has more insight, details, info, experience, beamshots, .. to share, please do so. Maybe this is a recommendable torch compared to sub15$ XXX-fire's

I bought one of these last week, and it is a very sturdy feeling light. And, it reaches out quite a ways. I don't have equipment to measure output, but it lights up the wall of a building approximately 50 yards away from my front steps quite admirably.